Saturday, August 20, 2022

Nosing out the controversy over AD plant emissions

IN March local campaigners succeeded in blocking plans to build an energy-from-waste plant in Ramsbottom in the Greater Manchester area. Concern over the smell...

Presentation on post-Brexit environmental protection at AQE 2017

Lord Whitty has been announced as the opening speaker of the Air Quality and Emissions Conference at AQE 2017 in Telford. The two day...

UK technology could make sprays cleaner and greener

A breakthrough in spray-valve technology by a British company could see millions of tonnes of highly flammable liquid gases and other volatile chemicals taken...

Cooking’s PM persistence

Researchers at the University of Birmingham say they have demonstrated how cooking emissions are able to survive in the atmosphere over several days, rather than being broken up and dispersed
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Air pollution on track to exceed limits at 4 out of 5 Breathe London...

Advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund Europe (EDFE) together with Mayor Sadiq Khan have released the second wave of data from Breathe London, an ambitious collaborative project to measure and map air pollution across the capital.

NOx and the city

Paul Marsh of Envirotec offers an update on attempts to curb air pollution in the UK IT'S the single biggest environmental health risk in the...

Website launched to help businesses prepare for Birmingham Clean Air Zone

A website has been launched to help businesses get to grips with the Clean Air Zone (CAZ), which will be launched in Birmingham city...
SGX Sensortech

Intelligent sensing

AN intelligent air quality sensing module from SGX Sensortech is intended to remove the hassle from monitoring air quality in the car, the home,...

Engaging with the BREF process: White paper offers guidance on evolving emissions regulation

A new whitepaper published by Ricardo aims to provide step-by-step guidance for industry on how to secure positive outcomes from the development of Best...

Study links fine particles to death rates

Exposure to toxic air pollutants is linked to increased cardiovascular and respiratory death rates, according to a new, international study

Measuring multiple particle sizes

Instrumentation firm TSI recently introduced an air quality monitor equipped for simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 particulate matter, in addition to temperature and relative humidity

Sponsored content: Cleaner air thanks to carbon filtration

During 2019, the UK Government set out its plans for reducing the levels of specific air pollutants, in a document called the Clean Air...

Prevention: A profitable mindset when it comes to gas leaks

Gas leaks are a risk in many industries, and when they occur, they can be incredibly hazardous and costly. Preventing them and responding quickly...
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Group demonstrates concept for cheap, sensitive NO2 sensors based on graphene

Putative "wonder material" graphene is starting to show up in novel approaches to the design of air quality sensors, the latest being a demonstration concept announced by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in December.

Closing the loop: Real-time air-quality data used to control hybrid engines in Leeds trial

Monitoring technology from air-quality modelling expert EarthSense has provided real-time data for trials into the use of low-emission vehicles to improve air quality in...

Using miniature drones to localise gas leaks

When there is a gas leak in a large building or at an industrial site, human firefighters currently need to go in with gas...

Air pollution may affect elderly male cognition

Led by researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, the study is among the first to explore short-term air pollution exposures and the use of NSAIDs to mitigate their effects

Geospatial and air quality data combine to provide tool for cyclists planning urban routes

A project combining Ordnance Survey (OS) geospatial data with real-time air quality data from EarthSense Systems is set to highlight clean cycle routes in...

Integrated device is mobile game-changer, claims supplier

OEMS and mobile device manufacturers are alerted to the release of what is described as "the world's first environmental sensor combining pressure, humidity, temperature...
Envirotec Sept/Oct 21

EV summit highlights

Electric vehicle adoption is "happening faster than any of us anticipated," said Daniel Lyons of Shell's e-mobility division, speaking at the UK's EV Summit on 1-2 September. The event reviewed developments in the uptake of EVs with over 80 in-person delegates in attendance and 400 online.