Thermoplastic tank investment addresses water industry challenges

Thermoplastic tank expert Forbes Technologies says it is widening the range of its helically-wound thermoplastic tank offering, addressing a perceived demand from the water...

Feedstock storage taking up too much space at AD plants, says supplier

Too much storage area is being taken up for feedstock storage at AD plants, according to one designer and manufacturer of precast concrete elements...
The vortex inhibitor during LPCB test procedures.

Caught in the vortex

BALMORAL Tanks this year introduced a new vortex inhibitor (VI) said to have significant technical improvements over current market options. The component complements the company’s...

Slurry spill precautions

Mark Horton of the conservation charity made the appeal to all farmers "to urgently check there is sufficient capacity in their slurry stores and that all above ground slurry tank valves are properly maintained and secure.”

No, the Fukushima water release is not going to kill the Pacific Ocean

By Nigel Marks, Associate Professor of Physics, Curtin University; Brendan Kennedy, Professor of Chemistry, University of Sydney; and Tony Irwin Honorary Associate Professor, Nuclear...


YORK-based Dexter Watson has come up with an innovative sealed animal waste container, or "SAWC" for short. The firm says it is often approached to...

Sponsored content: Leaving room to breathe

Tank breather vents are often overlooked as critical safety assets. The consequences from poorly set, calibrated and serviced assets are potentially dire.

Sponsored Content: Reusing wash water at equipment hire firm

MSE Systems has provided equipment hire firm Sunbelt Rentals with a fully automated wastewater treatment system following a successful rental and testing period in 2020. The firm was asked to provide a system that would dramatically reduce the amount of fresh water used by Sunbelt Rentals when cleaning the dirty Trakway panels ready for use by new customers. Trakway is a series of panels laid down to create access to fields and sites that are usually inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrians.

Working with flammable liquids

When considering the storage of flammable liquids there are strict adherences concerning separation distances. This is the distance the flammable liquids must be stored...

“Bomb-proof” Polyurea spray coating for tanks

LTS Systems UK has partnered with Prokol Polyurea coatings, the only CE Certified Pure Polyurea manufacturers in Europe with a whole of life warranty,...
Petrochemical storage tanks

Putting tanks to the test

Leaky tanks mean fugitive emissions, air pollution, increased risk of accident and - in the case of biogas operators - loss of product and revenue. On a mission to better inform and equip tank operators in relation to these risks is storage tanks expert Assentech. Envirotec asked the firm about important gaps to be plugged in the information commonly provided to tank specifiers, and in areas such as production testing, leak testing and tank calibration

Primer offers in-depth look at flexible AD tank design

LIPP Systems UK has released a technical overview document for its proprietary tanks, designed to improve corrosion resistance and reduce total life costs in...

Pollutec 2014 puts spotlight on Africa and Latin America

THE 26th Pollutec trade show will run from 2 to 5 December at Lyon Eurexpo in France bringing together a wide range of expertise...
Vegamet Vegapuls measuring equipment

A new level for radar?

One of the most significant recent developments in level measurement for containers and tanks is the emergence of a new class of seemingly affordable and high performance radar level sensors. VEGA Controls provides some background on this development and the firm's Matt Westgate answers questions on issues such as the signficance of MCERTS certification for this class of sensor.

Somerset tank project will store 800k litres of sewer water

A £9.5 million project to boost the storage and treatment of wastewater gets underway near Bridgwater, Somerset this autumn, says Wessex Water. Construction teams will...

Self-cleaning tank inserts for waste water tanks

At this year’s IFAT trade fair in Munich (14 - 18 May), KSB SE & Co. KGaA is presenting its ready-to-install self-cleaning Amaclean tank...

New waterproofing and concrete protection for wastewater plants

With MasterSeal 7000 CR, BASF is announcing an innovation to protect concrete and steel structures in extreme wastewater environments.

Reactor supply assists team developing catalysts for biomass transformation

Working closely with researchers at the Centrale Lille Institute in Lille, France, laboratory equipment firm Asynt says it has developed and supplied two custom...

Steel expertise

Stainless steel offers many advantages for fabrication projects, with corrosion resistance being one of the most important, says A&J Fabtech.

Why flexibility is so important in the logistics industry

Calum Arnison of Suttons Tankers writes about what it actually takes to ensure products get shipped on time Logistics services need to adapt skilffully to...