Biogas time saver – Free download

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BIOGAS 5000 free upgrade: Simple single gas reading

Biogas time saver - Free download

A simple new operation mode for users to take and store a single gas measurement is a free Geotech download. The new BIOGAS 5000 now offers users the simplest possible means of taking routine readings of the key gases, particularly methane. Regularly used to monitor H2S before and after de-sulphurisation, the BIOGAS 5000 can measure H2S from 0-10,000ppm.

AD biogas analysis
The BIOGAS 5000 gives reading of gases produced during anaerobic digestion, and displays system pressure, measurements of up to four gases taken simultaneously and shows combined gas flow.
All BIOGAS 5000 analysers users can select ‘simple gas reading’ mode, or full functionality and set context-sensitive help screens on or off.

Biogas time saver - Free download

Free download
Users can upgrade all BIOGAS 5000 analyser firmware as a free online download or at routine service Geotech will add the new options. A new short video shows the enhanced ways of using the BIOGAS 5000 analyser range at:


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