Friday, September 24, 2021

Research shows phosphate removal requires holistic approach

Water recycling specialist WPL will present the findings of a significant piece of research into phosphate removal at the European Wastewater Management (EWWM) Conference...

Sewage pollution makes popular Oxford bathing site unsafe after rainfall, say researchers

Sewage pollution is raising bacteria levels in Oxford’s popular swimming spots to unsafe levels after rainfall, new research appears to find. Research by the Oxford...
Envirotec Sept/Oct 21

Water from wastewater

A CO2-based desalination technique might permit the use of municipal wastewater as an alternative freshwater source, in a manner that is less energy-intensive than conventional desalination
TE Sewpas

Sponsored Content: Pulsed airlift sludge transfer

Te-Tech has introduced a new generation of pulsed airlift units, and says its clients are seeing the benefits of the technology over conventional progressive cavity pumps for transferring primary and secondary sewage sludges.
Housing development with HiPAF systems

Sponsored content: Waste water treatment key to nutrient neutrality equation

With a nutrient neutral approach to new property developments expected to become more widespread across England, increasing numbers of developers are giving closer consideration to wastewater treatment, writes Andrew Baird, technical director at water recycling specialist WPL.
Dyr Cymru Welsh Water and Eliquo Hydrok tested the system in a pilot plant at the Five Fords WwTW in Wrexham.

Pilot plant cuts AAD emissions

A common operational problem with advanced AD plants is high loading of digesters, and indeed partial overloading in some cases. A high concentration of dry solids and high viscosity can result in gas entrapment.

Flushing out lockdown trends

The team identified a spike in consumption of easily abused prescription opioids and anti-anxiety sedatives between March and June 2020, while some illicit drug use plummeted.
SEEPEX pumps back mix 30% DS dewatered sludge into 150m3/h 6% DS homogenous mixture in under 1 hour.

Cake to liquid in minutes

Yorkshire Water Knostrop is a large wastewater treatment plant servicing a population of 800,000 people.

EA issues effluent discharge compliance waiver to help utilities cope with chemicals shortage

The Environment Agency has published a regulatory waiver exempting water firms from the need to comply with the usual permit conditions that apply to...

Veolia provides Glycol runoff treatment plant at Heathrow

Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK) has recently completed a glycol removal plant at Heathrow Airport, seemingly the first of its kind to treat...

Human waste contaminating urban water leads to ‘superbug’ spread, says study

Contamination of urban lakes, rivers and surface water by human waste is creating pools of 'superbugs' in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC), according...

£2 million contract for final effluent monitoring in Scotland

Meteor Communications has been awarded a multi-year shared framework agreement by Scottish Water for the provision of multi-parameter wastewater quality final effluent monitoring. The...

Could recycled wastewater offer the UK an alternative to imported fertilisers?

Research at Cranfield University, in collaboration with Severn Trent and Microvi Biotech, is leveraging the ability of bacteria to recover nutrients from wastewater. The recovered...

Water company performance survey seeks supplier views

Water sector supply chain companies are being invited to share their experiences of working with UK utilities over the past 12 months. British Water’s annual...

£5.2m funding for diamond-enabled electrolysis of industrial wastewater

As part of the UK government’s new Industrial Strategy, £5.2m funding has been announced to support the University of Warwick to work with Element...

Water industry “shifting to outcome-based strategy”

The water sector is moving towards an outcome-focused approach to the way it plans and invests in environmental solutions, in the view of Phil...

Sponsored Content: Barnhurst STW – EMS grit removal plant

EMS began to install a new grit removal plant at Barnhurst STW for Severn Trent Water in May 2019 that was intended to replace six off conventional grit rakes (nodding donkeys) and a belt conveyor that transported the grit to the grit collection area.

Sponsored Content: Sludge dewatering efficiency

With increasing demand for reliable dewatering of effluent in municipal sewage treatment plants, GEA has stepped up with its class-leading environmental decanters designed for high clarification performance and maximum solid thickening.

Sponsored Content: Reusing wash water at equipment hire firm

MSE Systems has provided equipment hire firm Sunbelt Rentals with a fully automated wastewater treatment system following a successful rental and testing period in 2020. The firm was asked to provide a system that would dramatically reduce the amount of fresh water used by Sunbelt Rentals when cleaning the dirty Trakway panels ready for use by new customers. Trakway is a series of panels laid down to create access to fields and sites that are usually inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrians.

Slim SAF meets SEPA spec

Technology from wastewater treatment specialist WPL has been selected by Scottish Water to deliver enhanced ammonia removal at a village treatment works.