Sponsored content: Heat recovery from waste

Zero Liquid Discharge, or ZLD, is a technique which aims to discharge no liquid waste to the environment

Sponsored content: Versatile data logging

Tinytag Instrumentation data loggers can be connected to a variety of third-party sensors
Flooded streets in Ho Chi Minh City

Governments should prepare for 3m sea-level rise by 2100, says IMechE

Governments around the world must step up their preparations for a minimum sea level rise of 1 metre this century and be planning for up to 3 metres, according to a report released by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in November.
eDNA sampling

REDEEMing pumping stations for eels

Dr Jon Bolland of the University of Hull's International Fisheries Institute (HIFI) discusses a new project that aims to make pumping equipment more amenable to aquatic life

Radar reaches a new level

Radar offers many performance advantages, although cost and complexity has restricted its use. All that could be changing now
water monitor

Optimising ecotoxicology

Postnova Analytics has posted a webinar on how advanced analytical techniques are impacting the field of nanogeochemistry.

LIMS improves water testing efficiency

A new case study has been published by Autoscribe Informatics which apparently shows how the Culligan Analytical Lab in Illinois, US has made significant improvements in laboratory efficiency by using the Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).
water system robot

New robot for fully automatic water analysis

UK laboratories are under increasing pressure to undertake a wider range of tests; to test more samples, and often to do so with less staff.

Glenfield Invicta merger

Move prioritises “clarity, service and growth” Glenfield and Invicta, two well-known and long-established brands in the water sector, have announced they are merging their operations...

Documentary conveys “a sense of hope and spirit of optimism for water”

The world’s first screening of the 50-minute documentary Brave Blue World, narrated by Liam Neeson, was met with "rapturous applause" at a blue carpet...

Low-energy desalination technology starts field tests in Palestine

New desalination system shows energy savings of 33-66% compared to existing systems, at recovery of 80%, says group, with recovery of up to 90%...

Fast Fashion: the second biggest polluter on Earth

Dr. Akmez Nabeerasool is a Senior Project Manager at Arvia Technology, a provider of advanced tertiary water and wastewater treatment systems. Below he discusses...

Wood-based yarn captures hormones from wastewater

Hormones and other pharmaceuticals ending up in bodies from natural waters are a globally significant environmental problem. Finish research organisation VTT and Aalto University,...

Study highlights the importance and vulnerability of the world’s water towers

Mountains and highlands are often referred to as natural “water towers” because they provide lowland communities with essential freshwater for drinking, irrigation, industry, food,...

Proprietary formulation improves river pollution measures in São Paulo

On the initiative of the Secretariat of Environment of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, a trial of the FOG Stop formulation - from...

Two new techs to combat Baltic eutrophication get pre-commercialization boost

Testing has started on BioPhree® and TerraNova® Ultra, which aim to stop waste phosphorus reaching the sea and recycle it as agricultural fertilizer, in...

98% of Unblocktober participants ‘optimistic’ their habits have changed for the long-term

The world’s first awareness month aimed at protecting the UK’s sewers and seas - 'Unblocktober' - has been hailed "a major success", say the...

Using IR to measure TOC

Instrumentation firm Edinburgh Sensors offers some thoughts on the measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) as a means of assessing water quality, and in...

Inspirational water documentary premieres in Los Angeles

· Brave Blue World premiere announced · Innovators reveal an optimistic future for water · Actor Matt Damon and activist Jaden Smith feature One year ago, a...

Canal winter stoppages season begins: Contractor comments on the how and why of this...

A busy start to winter stoppages season saw one UK waterway maintenance company mobilise nine boats in a three-week period, destined for varied works...
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