Proprietary formulation improves river pollution measures in São Paulo

On the initiative of the Secretariat of Environment of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, a trial of the FOG Stop formulation - from...

Two new techs to combat Baltic eutrophication get pre-commercialization boost

Testing has started on BioPhree® and TerraNova® Ultra, which aim to stop waste phosphorus reaching the sea and recycle it as agricultural fertilizer, in...

98% of Unblocktober participants ‘optimistic’ their habits have changed for the long-term

The world’s first awareness month aimed at protecting the UK’s sewers and seas - 'Unblocktober' - has been hailed "a major success", say the...

Using IR to measure TOC

Instrumentation firm Edinburgh Sensors offers some thoughts on the measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) as a means of assessing water quality, and in...

Canal winter stoppages season begins: Contractor comments on the how and why of this...

A busy start to winter stoppages season saw one UK waterway maintenance company mobilise nine boats in a three-week period, destined for varied works...

Research reveals key protein molecules associated with the water purification properties of Moringa seeds

· One in three people cannot access clean drinking water. Moringa seed extracts have been used for centuries to help purify water in regions...

Study uses earthworms to treat wastewater

Scottish Water is using earthworms and water fleas to treat wastewater as part of an international study which aims to protect and improve water...

Utility restores 150-year-old reservoir

In October Anglian Water engineers concluded the inspection of the Sultzer Reservoir

Unravelling the water quality paradox

A complex water quality challenge is on the horizon for utilities as more becomes known about micro-pollutants, customers acquire the means to carry out analysis at the kitchen tap and the downward pressure on cost remains. BlueTech Research chief executive Paul O'Callaghan captures viewpoints from industry leaders in the field

Flood systems reduce engineer call out

Jetchem Systems has teamed up with United Utilities and Amey to produce two new systems designed to aid in the prevention of flooding

Water treatment firm raises £700k to launch new eco-friendly system

A company which has developed a new eco-friendly wastewater treatment system that could reduce pollution in rivers and seas has raised £700,000 to help...

Product offers real-time digital monitoring, analysis and optimisation of water and wastewater treatment

Following a number of seemingly successful implementations on projects across Europe, Veolia Water Technologies UK has introduced its AQUAVISTA™ Plant system, which is said...

Climate change is affecting the way Europe floods, experts warn

Climate change is disrupting the rhythms of spring growing and river flooding across Europe, which could pose new problems for biodiversity and food security...

Siemens equips desalination plants in Saudi Arabia with process automation

Siemens has received a follow-up order from the A3C consortium (Rawafid Industrial, Advanced Water Technology, SETE and Al Fatah) to equip eight seawater desalination...

All ballast water organism sizes should be tested, advises monitoring firm

LuminUltra has advised the shipping industry of the importance of testing all sizes of ballast water organisms identified by the International Maritime Organization

AECOM launches PFAS solution at remediation event

Infrastructure services firm AECOM announced the launch of DE-FLUORO™ at the CleanUp 2019 site remediation conference

Nominees announced for Aquatech Innovation Award 2019

A total of 12 innovative technologies have been selected by an expert jury in the lead up to the Aquatech Amsterdam event

Filter media optimises treatment for Norwegian fish farm

An onshore fish farm in Norway has introduced a new type of filter media to reduce the size of the MBBR required in its water treatment process. Warden Biomedia’s managing director, Mark Barrett explains the advantages

Waitrose products gain official ‘Fine to Flush’ approval, a first for a supermarket chain

Two Waitrose & Partners toiletry products have successfully achieved Water UK’s official ‘Fine to Flush’ standard

Fighting fatbergs and hidden plastics: Unblocktober movement underway to save UK’s sewers and seas

Unblocktober is underway and more than 4,000 individuals and employees have already embraced the month-long challenge
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