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Eliquo Hydrok have added two new Mecana technologies to their existing Pile Cloth Media Filtration (PCMF) systems available for the UK Water and Wastewater markets.

Introducing two new Mecana Systems in the UK (sponsored)

Eliquo Hydrok have added two new Mecana technologies to their existing Pile Cloth Media Filtration (PCMF) systems available for the UK Water and Wastewater markets

Bringing people together to deliver clean water in Tanzania

Situated in the mountains of north-western Tanzania, the rural district of Karagwe was once an influential kingdom where wealth was measured in cattle. While...

WJA system backs water jetters carrying out Covid-19 essential services

The Water Jetting Association has put in place an essential services notification system to assist its members in confirming that they have the right...

Virtual reality training wins water industry innovation award

Drainage and utility specialist Lanes Group plc has won the Institute of Water of Innovation Award 2020 for the South East Region for leading...
Woods and pond

Monitoring for flood management

Climate projections for the UK suggest that rainfall will increase in winter and decrease in summer, and that individual rainfall events may increase in intensity, especially in winter. This paradigm predicates an increased risk of flooding.
farm field

From field to faucet

Dr Akmez Nabeerasool, senior product manager at industrial water recycling specialist Arvia Technology, discusses advances in the post-treatment purification of water polluted by persistent traces of agrochemicals
Simon Crowther

The long road to recognition

Civil engineer and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager Simon Crowther has both personal experience of flooding (as "victim" in 2007), and expertise in tackling it, as director of Flood Protection Solutions, which he founded in 2012. Here, he offers his own thoughts on the sector's current shape and direction
green snail

SuDS helps secure appeal

A proposed housing development in Bexhill has been given the green light following the agreement of a suitable drainage strategy, overturning a June 2019 decision to refuse planning permission given the site’s proximity to Pevensey Levels SAC.
pipes on wall

Partnership addresses potable priorities

As part of its National Disinfection Programme, Irish Water is investing over €65 million in the upgrade and standardisation of disinfection systems currently installed in over 864 public drinking water treatment plants, pumping stations and reservoirs.
yellow tanks and measuring instrument

Sponsored Content: Clamp-on flow meters: Installation guidance

With the recent high growth in the ultrasonic clamp flow metering market, many users are turning to the clamp on meter for a quick and easy solution for often difficult to measure, fluid applications.
Nuclear Plant_ machinery

Sponsored Content: Nuclear reactor drains un-blocked

Drainage engineers from Lanes Group have used new pipe cleaning technology to solve persistent drain blockage problems at a nuclear power station.

British Water launches micropollutants technical group

A collaborative technical focus group has been set up by British Water to find new ways to reduce levels of micropollutants in wastewater....

MP meets stakeholders to discuss flooding and AI

Sheffield based Environmental Monitoring Solutions recently hosted a session between North East Derbyshire MP, Lee Rowley, and water industry stakeholders to present the...

Switch to VSD blowers saves 25% energy costs for Scottish wastewater treatment works, says...

By replacing its traditional lobe air blowers with modern variable speed drive (VSD) rotary screw blowers, Scottish Water’s Nigg wastewater treatment works now achieves...

Why the Mogden Formula matters for business

We know water is an increasingly scarce resource. So, what can businesses do to improve the way that water is used, treated, recycled...

Augmented reality firms partnership to assist with management of water infrastructure

The development of Augmented Reality as a tool to manage and visualise hidden infrastructure assets is being addressed by a partnership between two technology...

“Solar Water ATMs” bring business model that could improve access to clean water in...

Access to clean water remains a significant problem in Africa, yet smartphones are widespread throughout the continent. Introducing mobile payment to solar-powered water purification...

Utility says water quality remains high with help of metaldehyde run-off reduction scheme

Severn Trent says its Farm to Tap scheme, which aims to mitigate the impact of pesticide run off on water quality, has seen its...

Digital tool helps utilities overcome sludge pumping challenges

Software developed by fluid engineering firm BHR Group and launched in January is helping water utilities analyse their sludge pumping systems and reduce costs. SLOT...

Peers sought to build urban resilience platform

A new peer-to-peer platform is helping municipalities and water utilities find reliable innovative solutions to their infrastructure resilience challenges, according to the firm behind...