Thursday, May 26, 2022

Pumps conference grapples with EU decarbonisation challenge

Trade organisations CEIR, Pneurop and Europump recently held a Joint conference to consider the EU’s roadmap for industrial support. Under the working title of...

FOG summit to bring water and hospitality sectors together

"Europe’s leading fat, oil and grease (FOG) summit" will bring together the hospitality sector and the water industry to develop collaborative and sustainable...

Creators of underwater, eco-friendly concrete are finalists in the European Inventor Award

The inventors of an innovative building material for sea walls are finalists in the European Inventor Award 2022. ECOncrete® founder and CEO, Ido Sella, has...

Appraising stressors on rivers’ ability to perform ecological functions

An essential ecosystem service of streams and rivers is their natural self-purification service. This can be assessed based on ecological functions such as nutrient...

Sponsored content: Two new centrifuge test rigs, now on the road from MSE Hiller

MSE Hiller has launched two new test and demonstration centrifuge rigs into the UK market.

Sponsored Content: Non-contact radar to support the end user

Adapting to climate change is now a challenge for every industry, regardless of location. It is also having a substantial impact on the flood risk management practices of local and national governments.

Sponsored Content: Low energy mixers make the long haul

Fifteen years since a major UK water utility chose Landia as its framework supplier for anoxic mixers, over 200 of the units continue to work day and night across the region.

Bugs, good and bad

A new study seems to show that chlorinated water supplies don't disturb healthy gut microbiomes in young children, addressing concerns that such effects could lead to longer-term susceptibility to chronic disease.

Plant extracts

In many cuisines, okra serves as a master thickener of stews and soups. The goo from that fruit and other plants, such as aloe, cactus and psylium, can also clean water and wastewater of some types of solid pollutants, as well as some that are dissolved. Now, researchers say they have demonstrated that combinations of these food-grade plant extracts can remove microplastics from wastewater.

Water innovation ‘fantasy league’

An event with a strong track record for selecting technologies that go on to succeed in the water arena, BlueTech Forum (Vancouver, 7-8 June) has selected its first tranche of "innovation showcase" companies.

Predatory bacteria and digester ecology

Most people think of microorganisms as a predatory element in microbiological ecologies. But in fact, they too can become – in a sense – victims of bacteria that make them sick and even devour them, explains researcher Jens Harder. Such a predatory bacterium has now been described by his group, and its role in the digestion of biomass in sediments might be significant.

Making sense of sewage discharge data

More data is becoming available to help with understanding why so much sewage is being spilled in UK rivers, and fascinating efforts are underway to interpret it and present it to the public in an accessible and transparent format. Envirotec reviews the latest data, tools and what experts believe we can learn.

Circular solution for screenings?

A seemingly eco-friendly way of dealing with wet wipes clogging up sewage systems is in the pipeline, or so claims Edinburgh-based circular economy start-up Carbogenics, which recently received funding for a trial project with Scottish Water.

Comparing aeration and biofiltration for odour impact

A study of two wastewater treatment plants in Cordoba, Spain evaluates the odorous impact of the technologies deployed in each.

Anyone for nuclear-powered floating desalination plants?

Land-based desalination plants are a familiar fixture in many regions of the world but their cost and reliance on fossil fuels remain a bugbear. A new report explores the possibilities presented by a novel alternative.

IoT satellite-based LoRa program and white paper launch

Mobile satellite services provider EchoStar Mobile has launched an early adopter program for pan-European satellite-based LoRa® Internet of Things (IoT) services and a white...

Membrane filtration and ion exchange plants piloted in Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is a leading research university having an international presence with a comprehensive science academy at its core.  It supports innovative research and graduate education programs that explore the frontiers of knowledge in powerful and interdisciplinary ways vital to global challenges.

‘Fantasy league’ reveals future of water innovation

Event organiser BlueTech Research has announced the first "innovation showcase" companies who will appear at the BlueTech Forum event in Vancouver, Canada, on 7-8...

Planetary boundaries update: freshwater at stake

The freshwater change planetary boundary has been transgressed, according to a new international study. Green water is the water cycle available to plants, including...

Q&A: Connecting water technology and its potential impact

With water undergoing a transformation, industrial end-users are increasingly embedding sustainable solutions within their operations. Snehal Desai, chief growth and sustainability officer at Evoqua...