Sunday, January 23, 2022

Discharging a duty

Water industry intransigence and regulatory neglect seem to provide the backdrop to a sewage dumping scandal that has made headlines recently and emboldened citizen scientists and environmental campaigners. Will 2022 be the year water companies are finally forced to get their act together, asks Envirotec.

Sites must fulfil water protection obligations

With public attention on corporate environmental activities, there is particular pressure on industrial companies to limit their impact on the local water environment, says Adam Parmenter, industrial sales manager at WPL.

Comment: New year brings resolution on pollution

With sector-wide recognition that a step-change is required to deliver the environmental improvements required by all stakeholders, a new year brings fresh opportunities for...

Laser scans show devastating impact of wet wipes on the Thames

River charity Thames21 has released data showing a mound created by wet wipes, which has grown to the size of two tennis courts and...
paint flake

Paint predominates in ocean plastics

Flakes of paint could be one of the most abundant types of microplastic particle in the ocean, according to new research.

Sewage pollution makes popular Oxford bathing site unsafe after rainfall, say researchers

Sewage pollution is raising bacteria levels in Oxford’s popular swimming spots to unsafe levels after rainfall, new research appears to find. Research by the Oxford...

Public debate on water pollution “oversimplified”, believes expert panel

The rise of citizen science is placing increasing pressure on water companies to improve their environmental performance and protect river and bathing water quality....

Sponsored Content: Your post-lockdown pollution-prevention plan: Why it pays to be proactive

As spring turns to summer, sites across the UK are continuing their steady return to some kind of business as usual. By the end of this year, half of manufacturers expect to be back at full operating levels and employees are coming back in ever greater numbers after months of remote working. For facilities managers, now is a critical time from the perspective of pollution control.

Sponsored Content: Environmentally-friendly spill control

For any industry that works with liquids, a spill control plan should be in place, says spills control specialist Fentex. Designed to assist with the spill control required by pollution prevention guidelines, ISO standards and other regulations, the EVO Recycled® product range began with the development of an absorbent pad made from 85% recycled cotton fibres, in the vicinity of Cambridge University.

Progress made but too many still falling short, says EA on environmental performance of...

The Environment Agency released its annual report on the environmental performance of England’s nine water and sewerage companies on 13 July. Whilst there were improvements...

Taming the black gold

Researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Toronto believe they have developed a sustainable and economical way to recover oil from ultra-cold industrial wastewater and oil spills
Pulsar Measurement ultra4 db3 twin sunshield

Sponsored content: MCERTS expertise provides watertight handling of storm overflows

The new Asset Management Period (AMP) in the UK water industry introduces a requirement to monitor any spills going into a storm tank – regularly referred to by those working in the sector as UMON3.

An enduring threat to water?

Dr Ian Ross of professional services firm Tetra Tech, and the author of the Emerging Contaminants Handbook, discusses the emergence of PFAS as contaminants of concern in the UK

Harnessing data to meet alarm system standard

Water company telemetry systems generate thousands of alarms each day, with the risk of control rooms becoming overwhelmed and missing critical alerts ever present....

Utility offering funds for charitable organisations to improve their local water environment.

United Utilities has launched a new grant scheme aimed at helping charities to improve their local river catchment for the benefit of the community. The...

Firm partners with National Chemical Emergency Centre to bolster chemical response capability

Environmental risk reduction specialist Adler and Allan has partnered with the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) to provide training for its employees to deal...

Sponsored content: Adler and Allan announces trio of acquisitions

Adler and Allan, has announced the acquisition of three companies into the group: electrical specialists AMGS Electrical, hazardous material specialist Flotech Performance Systems Limited (Flotech) and industrial sewage specialist and underground infrastructure specialist Oneline Surveys

New water toxicity-testing technology ready to scale down for field use

A new nanotechnology process developed by Oxford University research scientists has seemingly been proven to simplify and reduce the cost of testing water for...

COVID-19 and sewage spills

The new study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology - Water identifies the relative risk of viral transmission by sewerage spills, across 39 different counties

Strengthening the science-policy interface

Exposure to a small fraction of the over 100,000 chemicals in use has been estimated to have contributed to over 1.3 million premature deaths in 2017