An independent approach to air?

Scotland's clean air strategy “is generally performing quite well by EU and global comparison”, according to an independent review .

Managing NOx gas emissions from combustion

Pollution can only be managed effectively if it is monitored effectively. So, as political pressure increases on measures to limit the emissions of the oxides of nitrogen, James Clements, managing director of UK analyser manufacturer Signal Group, explains the current issues and the latest advances in monitoring technology .

Collaboration targets graphene sensors

Graphene-based sensors that can measure air quality seem to be getting closer to mass production, according to claims .

Study links fine particles to death rates

Exposure to toxic air pollutants is linked to increased cardiovascular and respiratory death rates, according to a new, international study

Treat citizens as partners, not participants, to improve air quality research

Encouraging citizens to take part in almost every step of scientific air quality research improves their understanding of how air pollution affects their health,...

Ordnance Survey involved in project to reduce traffic jams and air pollution

A partnership between Ordnance Survey, the Department for Transport, the British Parking Association, and GeoPlace, could dramatically reduce traffic congestion on UK roads by...

London’s air quality goes online

Detailed information on London’s air pollution will now (starting 24 July) be published on, the website for a new collaborative project to paint a clearer picture of the city’s air quality .

Sponsored content: Monitoring airflow in road tunnels

Article provided by CODEL International Ltd. Find out more at In most road tunnels there are ventilation systems installed of which there are three...

Air treatment solution undergoes tests at Paris underground station

An innovative air treatment solution has been undergoing tests in the Parisian underground station Alexandre Dumas (Line 2). The system, called "IP’AIR", is being tested...

Over 70% of Brits oblivious to indoor air’s deadly impact

Veolia calls for stricter guidelines to avoid 20,000 related deaths every year ("but there is a tech solution," adds the firm) Public awareness of the...

Visualisation firm wins funding from Innovate UK

Air quality expert EarthSense wins grant to develop innovative new air quality services EarthSense, a visualisation firm with expertise in air quality, announced on 28...

Innovative sensor network monitors ‘vog’ in Hawai’i

In May 2018, the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea erupted with devastating consequences - destroying homes, displacing hundreds of people and emitting high levels of dust...

Parents feeling trapped in pollution-choked cities, says charity as campaign launches providing self-protection advice

Major firms team up with environmental charity to support campaign to clean up the air for families and workers Fifty nine per cent of...

Tracing the history of an invisible killer

A recent book charts the history of air pollution, and profiles the problem as it presents itself today

Human-caused climate change played limited role in Beijing 2013 ‘airpocalypse’

A new Northwestern University study concludes that human-caused climate change played only a minor role in the air's stagnation

Air sampling one-day course

Air sampling expert SKC is offering a comprehensive one day hands-on practical training course

New portable web-enabled particle monitors

Air Monitors has launched a new range of advanced monitors for airborne particulates

The promise of new shipping fuels

A new paper ‘Sailing on Solar’ presents a vision of how international shipping can meet its target of at least halving emissions by 2050

Rail operator and infrastructure services provider achieve 97% diesel-free ‘Site of the Future’

A project led by Network Rail and Colas Rail has used solar lighting and power generation to prove the viability of a sustainable ‘Site...

Instrument continuously measures the water-soluble gas and aerosol components in air

Metrohm Process Analytics has re-invented its Monitor for AeRosols and Gases in ambient Air (MARGA) instrument as the 2060 MARGA. When considering the effects of...
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