Sunday, October 17, 2021

City leaders invited to discover benefits of real-time monitoring of GHGs and pollutants

A pilot urban air quality monitoring project is being demonstrated in Glasgow during the COP26 climate change conference. The project showcases a dense network of...

Sponsored content: Blackline Safety announces record-breaking deal for area gas detection monitors

Blackline Safety has announced the close of a £1 million contract with a leading UK defence contractor.
Weather monitoring station

Sponsored Content: A technology for the timely warning

Robin Guy from OTT HydroMet believes that the worst effects of extreme weather can be mitigated by effective monitoring and alarm technologies.
Portable gas detector

Sponsored Content: Growth in gas sensing

Since its formation OBW Technologies has rapidly grown to become a leading supplier of gas detection equipment. The firm provides calibration and services in Ireland and the UK, and is now the largest re-seller of Honeywell portable and fixed gas detection units in Ireland.
Casella vortex 3

Sponsored Content: Advanced technology for air sampling

Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of 20 tradespeople every week. Despite being banned in the UK, asbestos can still be found widely, posing a threat to anyone who disturbs the dangerous material.

Earth observation images reveal extent of ferocious forest fires in Siberia

Stunning satellite images depict the recent gigantic infernos that devastated one of the coldest areas on the planet. Last month fires burning across Siberia...

Using miniature drones to localise gas leaks

When there is a gas leak in a large building or at an industrial site, human firefighters currently need to go in with gas...

How to check the calibration and linearity of gas analysers

Calibration is the process of establishing the relationship between the output of a measurement and a known input. In common with most measuring instruments,...

Survey identifies significant micro plastic pollution on summit of Snowdon

Geoscience technology firm CGG has conducted a microplastics pollution survey as part of a scoping study into whether it would be possible to create...

Improved biogas analysis key to unlocking ROI for anaerobic digestion plants

A more stringent approach to the biogas analysis process has the potential to deliver a step-change in ROI for anaerobic digestion (AD) plants, believes...

Measuring methane at landfill sites using drones

Waste management firm Viridor says it is demonstrating its ambition to tackle climate change by supporting the development of new technologies for measuring and...

Gas sensor network provides early wildfire detection

A large-scale IoT network for the ultra-early detection of wildfires has been launched by environmental startup Dryad Networks. The first live demonstration of the...

Sponsored Content: Lead-time leadership claim in gas sensing

Ensuring that products reach customers on time is a critical part of any business, but more so for those who deal in products designed to help keep workplaces and staff safe. As global leaders in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of gas detection instruments, Ion Science are all too aware of the need to get product to customers on time. Their team have dedicated significant time and resource to creating a network of reliable distributors around the globe, supported by knowledgeable technical staff.

Sponsored Content: Monitoring multiple gases simultaneously

The UK-based continuous emission monitoring and process analyser manufacturing company Protea. has announced two new ranges to its portfolio.

Sponsored Content: High flow pump simplifies asbestos and air sampling

Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of more than 39,000 Americans every year. Despite the material’s known health impacts, it can be found in older homes and industrial properties and continues to be used in products such as gaskets, friction products, roofing materials and fireproofing materials, posing a threat to workers in construction and general industry.

Something in the air

Scientists at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) say they have invented an artificial nose equipped to perform continuous bacterial monitoring - a capability they say has never previously been achieved and one with multiple applications in medicine, environmental monitoring and food.

Sensitive methane sensing on a budget?

Researchers from Princeton University and the US Naval Research Laboratory have demonstrated a new gas sensor, which uses an interband cascade light emitting device (ICLED) to detect methane concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm

Pandemic air quality due to weather, not just lockdowns

Headlines proclaiming Covid lockdowns drastically reduced pollution were mostly referring to nitrogen dioxide, NO2, a reactive gas emitted from burning fuel

A new level of magnification?

Experiments using crystalline "supermirrors" at the University of Vienna promise to open up entirely new possibilities for trace gas detection in environmental science and medicine

Low-cost air quality monitors included in education packs for schoolchildren

Clean Air Day (17th June) was marked by hundreds of events across the UK. Fife Council and sustainability consultancy Ricardo have provided three Scottish...
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