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Sponsored content: Instrumentation firm has a memorable year, and not just because of coronavirus...

Despite the bleak, unprecedented Covid-19 cloud that descended upon us all in 2020, Enviro Technology Services (ET) has had a memorable and positive year...

Brighton firm to develop new landfill methane emission monitoring intelligence platform

Environmental sector ICT specialist Recycle2Trade has signed up to the national SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) business support programme, which...

Study proves bits of DNA in seawater correlate to the weight of netted fish,...

New tool will help census oceans from surface to seafloor, monitor fish, track shifting marine life due to climate change, around coral reefs, aquaculture...

Sponsored content: Robust for gas leak first-responders

Environmental sampling and gas and water leak detection equipment manufacturer QED Environmental Systems has announced the launch of the next generation popular METREX gas detection device.
Airflow rotameters

Sponsored content: Why are airflow rotameters so popular?

A rotameter is a flow meter instrument that measures the volumetric flow rate of a gas or fluid. It consists of a tapered tube with a moving internal float. These are sometimes known as mechanical flow meters, gravity flowmeters or variable area flowmeters.
SmartGas 10 sensor

A wide range of gas sensing

Sensors and transmitters expert Omni Sensors and Transmitters has acted as UK distributor and technical partner for world class gas sensor manufacturers Figaro Engineering (Japan) and smartGAS (Germany), for over 25 years.
Los Alamos sensors

Sniffing out leaks

A new study seems to confirm the efficacy of a system for detecting natural gas leaks using sensors and machine learning, with significant potential for allowing automatic, affordable sampling large areas of natural gas infrastructure.
Signal series IV removable screen

Putting gas data in your hands

The technology development team at gas analysis manufacturer Signal Group has announced a seemingly important addition for its Series IV gas analysers – a completely detachable screen.
Manam volcano

Using drones to forecast eruptions

The research at Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea is also improving scientists’ understanding of how volcanoes contribute to the global carbon cycle, key to sustaining life on Earth
Pulp mill systems

Getting the right monitoring in place

The escape of chemical pollutants into the environment can pose a major environmental risk, not just on an industrial site but also to the surrounding area.

VOCs vehicle

Throughout unmanned facilities within the oil and gas industry, a human presence is generally still needed for regular inspection work,

Sponsored Content: Methane detector has leaks covered

Leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring and remediation equipment, QED Environmental Systems, will be adding the innovative SEM5000 into its Geotech product range, later this year.
DN80 Batch Meter

Sponsored Content: On-site flow calibration

Service and Testing Laboratories looking to minimise plant downtime can find help in the extended on-site calibration services from Young Calibration.

Heads perform to spec, confirms HSE

When conducting workplace air sampling, reliability is key. Operators need to know that the equipment they rely on to collect and sample the air for respirable dust and other hazards will yield consistent and accurate data

IoT project will assess impact of climate change on forests, and inform UK policymaking

A trial is underway in forests in Surrey and Northumberland to assess the potential for Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor tree growth...

Monitoring an important greenhouse gas (Sponsored content)

By Juhani Lehto, Product Manager, Vaisala, Finland. Scientists at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands have employed Vaisala carbon dioxide sensors in their research...

Gas sensor technology heads to Mars on board NASA’s Perseverance rover

An international collaboration is taking technology from gas measurement expert Vaisala and the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) to Mars onboard NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance...

Secrets of a long partnership in gas detection (Sponsored content)

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) was founded by Frank and Shirley Britton in 1995. Since that time, the company has expanded considerably and...

Tree density research paves the way for non-destructive testing methods

University of West London (UWL) researchers say they have developed pioneering techniques to map the architecture and mass density of tree roots within the...

Sponsored content: Transportable VOC emissions analyser submitted for QAL1 certification

By James Clements, Managing Director, Signal Group As a British developer and manufacturer of gas analysers, Signal Group follows the emergence of international Standards very...