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Keep a close eye on mercury

Gas instrumentation manufacturer Ion Science says its Mercury Vapour Indicator (MVI) can provide rapid and reliable mercury detection during decommissioning, demolition, repurposing or refurbishment of industrial plant, laboratories and other premises.

Making sense of sensor arrays

Research at Oregon State University is working towards the development of an electronic "nose" capable of monitoring air quality, detecting safety threats, and measuring gases in a patient's breath.

Describing pollutant distribution in 3d

A team led by environmental physicist Stefan Schreier at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna is attempting to build up a better picture of nitrogen dioxide pollution in the city. The work includes the first attempts to describe how this pollution is distributed in the vertical axis, from street-level upwards, as well as the use of data from satellite measurements.
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Top tips for CEMS selection

When it comes to choosing the right emissions measurement solution, there are several key factors that need to be weighed at the outset.

Listen up: Limited time offer on noise monitoring equipment

According to estimates from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 21,000 workers suffered with work related hearing problems between 2017 and 2019, with industrial...

Researcher creates drone system to give early warning on natural disasters and act as...

A researcher at Queen’s University Belfast has invented a low cost telecommunication system using drones which provides early warning on natural disasters and acts...

CO2 monitors facilitate rollout of environmentally friendly refrigeration in Australian supermarkets

Supermarkets all over Australia and New Zealand are benefiting from advanced carbon dioxide monitors, says measurement expert Vaisala, as new natural refrigeration systems are...

Inspecting pipelines with OGI

FLIR Systems has published a new application spotlight that highlights the role its Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are playing in detecting gas leaks

Weather monitoring in extreme conditions

A VENTUS X ultrasonic wind sensor has been deployed by researchers at the Summit Station on the Greenland Ice Sheet in the Arctic, 10,000...

Aerial map reveals Islington’s tree cover, and assists study into benefits of trees in...

Treeconomics, a specialist in the use of trees to improve urban spaces, is taking advantage of a nationwide digital record of over 300 million...

CEM 2020 calls for papers on emissions monitoring

CEM 2020 will take place in Poland, 13-15 May, and the organisers say they are now accepting abstracts for papers that describe recent research,...

Firm delivers flight-model IR detector to European CO2 monitoring space mission

IR instrumention expert Lynred has announced the delivery of the first flight-model of its largest shortwave infrared detector, NGP, to the MicroCarb space mission....

Affordable methane detection

The GF77 from FLIR Systems is said to be an affordable, handheld methane detection camera

Portable preeminence is the goal of new FTIR multigas analyser

Gasmet says its new GT5000 Terra can be operated wirelessly for measuring up to 50 gases simultaneously in a matter of seconds

First all-metamaterial optical gas sensor

The possibility of smaller, more power-efficient and simpler non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensors has been announced by Swiss researchers

Raman spectroscopy offers rapid detection of airborne hazards

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a device that can identify a wide range of airborne gases and chemicals "instantly"

Radon Awareness Week 4-10 November: Campaign takes to the airwaves warning of hidden cancer...

Radon Awareness Week 2019 is running from 4-10 November, and as the campaign website explains, exposure to radon gas is the leading cause of...

DEFRA use satellite technology to monitor oak and ash dieback throughout England

DEFRA (the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) has begun a nationwide project with geospatial data analytics company, Rezatec, to map the key...

New network of weather stations in Sheffield

Instrumentation firm OTT HydroMet is installing fifteen automatic weather stations as part of the University of Sheffield’s Urban Flows Observatory, which is led by...

New partnership in waste pile management solutions

Equipment rental firm Ashtead Technology has been appointed as the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for two innovative products that help waste...