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Auma actuator

Sponsored content: Innovative SLA for actuators at utility

Since being awarded a sole actuator supply framework in October 2019, AUMA Actuators has worked with Anglian Water to develop a new and unique process to service, maintain and replace a range of actuators throughout the region.

Sponsored content: Edinburgh welcomes whisky galore

Historic Princes Street in Edinburgh is the new home of a £150m investment, that will be the focal point for whisky devotees from all over the globe.
The new Denso website

Sponsored content: Corrosion and sealing online portal

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd, specialist manufacturers of corrosion prevention and sealing products, recently announced the launch of their newly updated website – Denso.net – with new product pages, a new Surface Preparation Guide and many more exciting new features.
Craggs fuel

Sponsored content: The best in fuel

LCM Environmental (part of Craggs Environmental Ltd) provide a wide range of fuel quality and tank safety services to both public and private sector organisations across the UK and beyond.
Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen, Acumen Technical Director Lauren Hill and Acumen's Leon Kirk

Big tank takedown

Specialist waste management and industrial site services provider Acumen has been awarded the project to decommission the South Bank Wharf Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Tank Farm at Teesworks. The project will create 20 new jobs.
Petrochemical storage tanks

Putting tanks to the test

Leaky tanks mean fugitive emissions, air pollution, increased risk of accident and - in the case of biogas operators - loss of product and revenue. On a mission to better inform and equip tank operators in relation to these risks is storage tanks expert Assentech. Envirotec asked the firm about important gaps to be plugged in the information commonly provided to tank specifiers, and in areas such as production testing, leak testing and tank calibration
potato processing

Pong appeasing potato processing

Following an installation two years ago of Landia Chopper Pumps and a Landia Aeration System, wasterwater management firm MSE Systems is set to install a further three units for one of the UK’s leading suppliers of potatoes.
Borger separator range

Simplified slurry separation

The Bioselect RC is an energy-saving, highly efficient, compact solid/liquid separator, according to manufacturer Börger Pumps. Standout features include the way the design preserves the life of the components.
microplastics in water

Tube pump supports microplastics hunt

A research project investigating the problem of microplastics in inland waters has been using a tube pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG), in a system where samples are taken automatically at programmed intervals
Portland vs cement free concrete

Cement-free corrosion beater?

Researchers from RMIT University (in Melbourne, Australia) say they have developed concrete that can withstand the corrosive acidic environment found in sewage pipes, while greatly reducing residual lime that leaches out, normally a contributor to fatbergs.

Goodbye to decaying deposits and blocked pumps? Ensuring the clean operation of municipal stormwater...

The use of air supply through injectors slows the rate at which odour and decay develop in a wastewater application, as German pumps and...

Software for robotic lawnmower wins Swedish circular technology challenge

Husqvarna's Automower 440 model. Machine learning software to be used in a robotic lawn mower is the winner of a sustainability innovation competition run by...

Metals recycler supports the Transport for London scrappage scheme

Metals recycler EMR is supporting the Transport for London (TFL) scrappage scheme at six sites across the capital. EMR Metal Recycling has Authorised Treatment Facilities...

Lifting equipment helps surplus food collector negotiate tricky spaces

One of the UK’s specialist collectors of surplus food product has invested in a piece of specialist lifting equipment that it says has boosted...

Scotland should follow on-demand bus schemes example of other UK regions, says charity

Schemes which would see passengers order on-demand bus services should be introduced in Scotland, a leading mobility charity has said. The ‘flexible bus’ initiative would...

New joystick steering tested in waste handling environment

Joystick steering has not been an especially prominent capability in the waste handling and recycling sectors. Insisting that this is about to change, Caterpillar®...

Cement-free concrete beats corrosion, says research group

Researchers from RMIT University (in Melbourne, Australia) have developed an eco-friendly zero-cement concrete, which is said to all but eliminate corrosion. Concrete corrosion and fatbergs...

Drilling operation helps utility protect medieval monks path

A seemingly state-of-the-art drilling technique has allowed Thames Water to install a vital new sewage pipe while protecting a centuries-old country path used by...

Efficient and mobile separation technology fills a small gap

The processing involved in breaking materials down to RC material is part of the everyday business of the construction and material handling industry. A...

“First-of-a-kind plant” presents pump specification challenges

Specifying pumps for circulating clean engine oil: It may seem a reasonably ordinary application, but there’s nothing ordinary about Arjun Infrastructures’ power plant in...