How to ensure your winter gritting respects the environment

Gritting is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to keep the economy moving through adverse weather with safer roads that are free...

Leak-free mag drive pumps for hazardous applications

The KM Series is a range of sealless, single-stage, volute casing pumps with a maximum flow rate of 70m³/hr, maximum differential heads to 65 metres and maximum operating temperature up to 200ºC

Bespoke system keeps sea life centre open

Sykes Pumps has provided an emergency pumping solution for Sea Life Scarborough

Explosion at California fuel depot

An explosion at a fuel storage facility in the town of Crockett in the San Francisco Bay Area involved around 200 firefighters in a seven-hour struggle to control the blaze

Silo protection the easy way?

Following the earlier launch of the SHIELD silo protection system, silo pressure safety expert Hyocontrol has launched its SHIELD Lite SPS

Bunding: A line of defence against leaks

A recent leak of an "acidic ferric salt solution" from a water treatment works into local waterways resulted in a £600k fine for a UK utility, and raised the possibility of enduring environmental damage. A widely-trusted line-of-defence against such leaks is the use of bunding. Chemical dosing solutions provider WES offers a review of the approach, its applicability and recent refinements

New tool assesses climate change impact on Europe’s roads

The impact of climate change on our road network is climbing the list of national priorities. Across Europe, National Road Administrations (NRAs) are having...

How making your fleet eco-friendly protects your business

According to a national study by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, concern about the environment is currently polling at its highest level since 2008

Piping systems trade group produces guide to branch connections for water and gas mains

Making effective branch connections in live water and gas mains is now supported by new guidance from the BPF Pipes Group. The guidance has been...

Noise correlation technology delivers major leak reduction

A project jointly undertaken by Anglian Water and leak detection expert Primayer has seemingly seen leakage reduction of 1.4 million litres of water per...

“Ground-breaking” trial paves way for more transparency and traceability in the marine fuels supply...

The first pilot of BunkerTrace, a system that combines synthetic DNA tracers and blockchain to manage risk for marine fuels by creating a transparent...
GasMix system

Time to get things moving?

Envirotec asked Landia about their decision to retrofit its GasMix digester mixing system to a legacy AD tank .

Firms ‘rooting’ for a reduction in blocked pipes

A newly landscaped section of a Durham garden has been unveiled to the public, to show how an innovative project aims to get to one of the root causes of blocked pipes .

Keyhole surgery for pipes expedites repair

Services contractor Clancy has invested in a new trenchless pipe-lining innovation

Prime cleaning for smaller bore drainage

Picote Solutions has recently launched its latest high-speed pipeline cleaning system for the drainage market, the Mini Cleaner .

Venting problems and the quest for cleaner air

Venting storage tanks is essential for safety and reliability but is a practice that has long been poorly understood and regulated, according to tanks expert Assentech. The specification and maintenance of critical components here - breather valves - often falls short of what's required, and  tank leakage is a widespread problem. But change appears to be afoot, as Envirotec discovered

Industry first liquid bio methane offering

Flogas Britain – a major supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) – has added liquid biomethane (Bio-LNG) to its...

Automated weed screen cleaner proves its worth within weeks of installation

A new Landustrie weed screen cleaner installed by ECS Engineering Services at the Short Ferry pumping station on the River Witham has ensured continuity...

Ordnance Survey involved in project to reduce traffic jams and air pollution

A partnership between Ordnance Survey, the Department for Transport, the British Parking Association, and GeoPlace, could dramatically reduce traffic congestion on UK roads by...

Crane vehicle assists with flood-damaged dales

After a month’s worth of rain fell in just two hours, Cogden Beck bridge was completely destroyed by boulders and debris washed down in...
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