“Pollution Pavilion” revealing invisible air pollution arrives in Covent Garden

• Four out of five Britons are worried that UK air pollution limits don't match WHO guidelines. • Nearly every area of...

New initiative aims to advance the removal of dirty vehicles from London’s streets

As part of a drive to tackle dirty air across London, Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced a series of measures intended to accelerate the...

Sponsored content: Air sampler flow calibration

Regulatory compliance, customer confidence, due diligence, quality or measurement uncertainty are just a few of the factors

Sponsored content: Monitoring nuisance odours

Odour nuisance is one of the most difficult issues facing many sites today. When a complaint is made, it’s essential that a reliable and representative air sample is taken as quickly as possible.

Modelling tool boosts mitigation

Australian environmental managment technology firm Envirosuite has entered into an exclusive agreement with the University of Queensland that will see the SeweX modelling tool for wastewater management embedded into its wastewater solutions, and this will seemingly drive significant improvements in corrosion management and the mitigation of problems like odour.
Babcock Wanson deodorising oxidiser

Deodorising oxidisers make the grade

A provider of industrial process heating equipment, Babcock Wanson has provided animal by-products processor and recycler, P Waddington & Co (1947) Ltd, with what is said to be a highly efficient solution for odour abatement and process steam production at its site in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Tackling odour issues in wastewater treatment

Dr Chris Charles of Genesis Biosciences discusses the use of biological products for this purpose.
Crowd of people in city

Group demonstrates concept for cheap, sensitive NO2 sensors based on graphene

Putative "wonder material" graphene is starting to show up in novel approaches to the design of air quality sensors, the latest being a demonstration concept announced by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in December.
Google Street View vehicle

Air pollution on track to exceed limits at 4 out of 5 Breathe London...

Advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund Europe (EDFE) together with Mayor Sadiq Khan have released the second wave of data from Breathe London, an ambitious collaborative project to measure and map air pollution across the capital.
Coal-fired power plant

Embracing the suck

As the slipping of climate targets continues, it's becoming increasingly clear that cutting emissions won't be enough to keep global temperature increases below the 2ºC target enshrined by the 2015 Paris agreement.

Weather monitoring in extreme conditions

A VENTUS X ultrasonic wind sensor has been deployed by researchers at the Summit Station on the Greenland Ice Sheet in the Arctic, 10,000...

Measuring the success of climate change adaptation and mitigation

Dr Mike Morecroft, Climate Change expert at Natural England, has been looking at how we evaluate and measure success of climate change adaptation and...

Firm warns of increased microbial-influenced corrosion with IMO 2020-compliant fuels

Microbial monitoring specialist LuminUltra has highlighted concerns over the quality of some compliant fuels as the shipping industry gears up towards meeting the International...

Webinar will look at how to develop an effective corporate net zero strategy

The first in a series of webinars to help organizations develop a practical and actionable net zero strategy will be hosted by environmental consultancy...

Successful DVSA prosecution shows perils of supplying and fitting illegal emissions control parts

Victory in a new legal action by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) seems to highlight importance of providing type approved emission control...

Making the UK’s net zero target real: Professional services firm comments on progress

UK leads the G20 having the most rapid decarbonisation rate since 2000, at 3.7% Achieving the UK’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions...

Nitrous oxide levels are on the rise

Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas and one of the main stratospheric ozone depleting substances on the planet. According to new research, we are...

Air pollution and premature death: Life expectancy impacts described in Bristol study

Research considers health impact in England’s eighth biggest city, Bristol Five people dying prematurely every week - 260 for the year as a...

Bespoke dust win

A large UK manufacturer was required to monitor airborne particulates in and around its paint shop, and to automatically raise visual and audible alarms when potentially dangerous conditions arise

New tool assesses climate change impact on Europe’s roads

The impact of climate change on our road network is climbing the list of national priorities. Across Europe, National Road Administrations (NRAs) are having...
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