Sponsored content: Monitoring airflow in road tunnels

Article provided by CODEL International Ltd. Find out more at codel.co.uk In most road tunnels there are ventilation systems installed of which there are three...

Analysing complex gas mixtures

As a powerful approach for the measurement of complex gas mixtures, Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy has come a long way since the first commercial instruments appeared in the late 1950s. Since then, the technique has expanded its domain of usefulness considerably, as Envirotec finds out .

CCUS: An unlikely saviour?

For a country like the UK, which has committed to generating net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, it appears that developing the technology of carbon capture and storage (CCS) will be "a necessity not an option," to quote the IMechE's Jenifer Baxter. Many others agree, and the UK has just announced a major funding commitment for the approach. But is it enough? Envirotec reports

Blue-sky ambition as UK government enshrines net-zero commitment in law

On 12 June legislation was set forth in Parliament committing the UK to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 .

‘Committed’ fossil fuel emissions could jeopardize international climate goals

The nations that have signed agreements to stabilize the global mean temperature by 2050 will be unable to meet their goals unless existing fossil fuel-burning infrastructure around the world is retired early .

Elsevier makes the latest climate change research freely available via Mendeley

Elsevier, the global information analytics business specializing in science and health, is making over 5,000 subscription articles on climate change freely available from across...

Hydrogen could replace natural gas to heat homes and slash carbon emissions, new report...

Leading UK engineers have assessed the possibility of using hydrogen in place of natural gas in the UK’s gas grid and concluded that there...

Air treatment solution undergoes tests at Paris underground station

An innovative air treatment solution has been undergoing tests in the Parisian underground station Alexandre Dumas (Line 2). The system, called "IP’AIR", is being tested...

Technology firms target maritime greenhouse gas emissions with AI-powered fuel optimisation services

Fujitsu has announced (7 June) a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Vessel Fuel Optimisation digital web service enabling maritime firms to cut fuel costs for...

Over 70% of Brits oblivious to indoor air’s deadly impact

Veolia calls for stricter guidelines to avoid 20,000 related deaths every year ("but there is a tech solution," adds the firm) Public awareness of the...

Visualisation firm wins funding from Innovate UK

Air quality expert EarthSense wins grant to develop innovative new air quality services EarthSense, a visualisation firm with expertise in air quality, announced on 28...

Transition to green steelmaking vital to UK industry’s long-term future, says report

The UK steel industry must fundamentally transform if it is to remain globally competitive over the next 30 years, according to a new report...

Innovative sensor network monitors ‘vog’ in Hawai’i

In May 2018, the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea erupted with devastating consequences - destroying homes, displacing hundreds of people and emitting high levels of dust...

Parents feeling trapped in pollution-choked cities, says charity as campaign launches providing self-protection advice

Major firms team up with environmental charity to support campaign to clean up the air for families and workers Fifty nine per cent of...

‘Stop allowing new toxic waste incinerators in London’ Mayor tells ministers

Sadiq Khan: Another polluting plant ‘the last thing we need’ Capital currently has three incinerators – with two more set to open The Mayor...

Tracing the history of an invisible killer

A recent book charts the history of air pollution, and profiles the problem as it presents itself today

Biosciences firm wins major cleaning award

WELSH biosciences firm Genesis Biosciences has won a UK cleaning award

Using analytics to manage wastewater and odour issues

Australian water utility SA Water has recently spoken about its trialing of a custom analytics platform as a means to manage real-time data from its wastewater network

Keeping out noxious air and particles

ODS Environmental is offering cab air quality systems that maintain a slightly elevated pressure level inside the cab, preventing any air from entering

Setting boundaries

n recent months Casella has launched an improved version of its Dust Detective Enclosure, which the firm believes will make an impact in short-term boundary and environmental monitoring in both indoor and outdoor environments

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