Saturday, June 25, 2022

WHO values are insufficient, say developers of European map of aerosol pollution

Researchers have measured the composition of fine dust at 22 locations in Europe, producing what they describe as a European map of the most...

Final report on flagship air pollution reporting pilot scheme released

Thursday, 16 June marks the release of findings from a UK pilot scoping study looking at development of an air pollution reporting system...

Data driven methods to boost microalgae production and CO2 capture

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is coordinating a two-year research project involving the University of Jyväskylä, Neste and seven Finnish SMEs, jointly addressing...

Less air pollution leads to higher crop yields, says study

Usually, increasing agricultural productivity depends on adding something, such as fertilizer or water. A new Stanford University-led study seems to reveal that removing one...

Government U-turn on promise to reform farming post-Brexit

New farming policy stripped of ambition to aid nature recovery, says conservation group The Government has broken its promise to reform farming post-Brexit. In its...

Including non-CO2 emissions shortens timeline to reach 1.5°C

Countries around the world pledged in the Paris Agreement to limit warming to 1.5°C, or, at most, 2°C. As emissions rates gradually begin to...

New ADEPT president launches climate change policy position

Mark Kemp, the new President of the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT), has launched the group's new Climate Change...

Half of UK councils not confident of meeting self-imposed net zero targets, survey finds

Senior figures in local government doubt their authorities are on track to meet net zero targets, a new survey by E.ON and the Local...

Customisable air pollution alerts now available for monitor series

Air quality specialist EarthSense released live ambient air pollution alerting capabilities to its MyAir® web application on 25 May, "enabling prompt action against thresholds...

Academic collaboration boosts SME efforts to reach net zero

Twenty-two companies have so far collaborated with Lancaster University as part of the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory (LCEI), a business support programme which aims to...

Sponsored Content: Ten years of innovation and leadership

AQ Mesh has been commercially available since 2012 and the firm says it the most proven and relied-upon small sensor system on the market.

Sponsored Content: Innovative odour abatement for even challenging budgets

A specialist in high-performance, low-cost odour and solvent emission abatement, Anua Clean Air UK offers products drawing primarily on its proprietary (and patented) biofiltration and bioscrubbing technologies. The company has the exclusive world-wide branding and patent rights to Monashell, Monasfil and CrumRubber technologies.

Comparing aeration and biofiltration for odour impact

A study of two wastewater treatment plants in Cordoba, Spain evaluates the odorous impact of the technologies deployed in each.

A Common Baseline

The revised European Standard for Olfactometry, EN13725:2022, was published in March, the first significant update of the standard in 19 years, according to odour consultancy firm Silsoe Odours, one of the contributors.

Pong preferences puzzle piece

What smells we like or dislike is primarily determined by the structure of the particular odour molecule. A collaborative study seems to show that people share odour preferences regardless of cultural background.

Spore circumspection

A new study led by Imperial College London appears to find that drug-resistant mould is spreading from the environment and infecting susceptible people's lungs.

PM risk for autoimmunity

Long-term exposure to air pollution is linked to a heightened risk of autoimmune disease, particularly rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue and inflammatory bowel diseases, finds research published online in the open access journal RMD Open.

Smart, affordable monitor

Instrument firm Oizom has launched an industrial-grade, single-parameter air quality monitor - AQBot - capable of measuring a range of gases in addition to particulate matter.

Smoking out the dangers

Increasingly large and intense wildfires in the Pacific Northwest of the US are altering the seasonal pattern of air pollution and causing a spike in unhealthy pollutants in August, new research appears to find. The smoke seems to be undermining clean air gains, posing potential risks to the health of millions.

An open field?

What exactly causes the characteristic "skunky" odour emitted by cannabis production facilities, and what do these emissions mean for air quality professionals and the general public? A recent study attempts such an appraisal.