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Unblocktober survey reveals discouraging drain habits persist

97% of British public ‘worried’ about environmental damage of drain habits that two thirds of the population still engage in A new survey of 1,758...

Super sewer progress

Recent aerial photography shows some of the changes being made to the banks of the Thames during the construction of London’s 25-km super-sewer, Tideway. Now said to be three-quarters complete – and on-schedule to finish in 2025 – the 2.5m-diameter tunnel will provide an extra 1.6 million m3 of storage in London’s sewers.

National drainage awards

The first National Drainage Awards will take place on 23 November at Charlton Athletic FC, as part of the National Drainage Show. Organised by The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC), the awards are “a long overdue recognition for the great job that so many contractors do day in and day out for their customers, often in emergency situations.”

Groundwater monitoring underpins management of the Great Fen

Securing a sustainable future for the Great Fen depends, in many respects, upon restoration derived from managing water levels. Wendy Strain from OTT...

Next UK prime minister must ban microplastics, says drainage group

The UK’s next prime minister should ban manufacturers from intentionally adding microplastics to consumer or professional use products, according to a new environmental campaign...

SPONSORED CONTENT: Water jetting safety and quality get a training boost

More hands-on refresher training and digital technology are among improvements being made to water jetting courses to help contractors enhance the quality and safety of services they deliver.

The Environment Agency appoints Mott MacDonald to provide digital Smart Object Library

The Environment Agency is to use Mott MacDonald’s Moata Intelligent Content as its Smart Object Library (SOL) and will make it available to all...

Creators of underwater, eco-friendly concrete are finalists in the European Inventor Award

The inventors of an innovative building material for sea walls are finalists in the European Inventor Award 2022. ECOncrete® founder and CEO, Ido Sella, has...

Sponsored Content: Non-contact radar to support the end user

Adapting to climate change is now a challenge for every industry, regardless of location. It is also having a substantial impact on the flood risk management practices of local and national governments.

River level monitoring lowers bridge scour risk

Engineers at Transport Scotland have investigated the potential for water level monitoring systems to help mitigate risks where transport infrastructure interacts with moving water....
Geolux radar technology station

Radar boosts flood analysis in Rwanda

Hydrology monitoring expert Geolux has provided technology being used to monitor the flow of mountain rivers in Rwanda - frequently a source of flooding that has in recent years devastated the region.
WCD SeaShield FX-70

Pioneering structural piling repair system acquisition

Winn & Coales International has recently acquired the FX-70® Structural Piling Repair and Protection System from Simpson Strong-Tie.
Roadside sustainable drainage systems in Salford.

SuDS bible gets an upgrade

British Water has produced a downloadable guide to help engineering and construction professionals applying the CIRIA sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) manual.

Graphene gateway

The coastal flood defence gates were coated with Applied Graphene Materials' new graphene enhanced Genable CX-based anti-corrosion primer.
Duc Toan Nguyen

Floating house concept earns students place in global disaster preparedness competition

A team of students from Coventry University have developed a concept for a house that can float whenever a flood approaches and shelter people for at least six weeks during catastrophic weather.

Divining the Dutch delta’s destiny

To make sure large boats can secure passage without getting stuck, port managers coordinate the dredging of the rivers connecting the ports and harbours of Rotterdam to the sea.

Taking a natural approach to flood management in yorks

Farmers and landowners across three river catchments in Yorkshire and the North West are harnessing the power of nature in a pilot scheme to better protect the major road network from flooding.

Separator assists with SuDS

ACO Water Management has launched its new advanced hydrodynamic separator, the V-Septor.

Getting smart about new SuDS tech

There are times when the potential for a new technology can leapfrog the ability of a regulatory framework to deliver it. We must make sure that the rapid advances being made in digitally controlled rainwater reuse technologies are not caught in this trap, writes Mark Manning of water technology firm SDS.
Simon Crowther, founder of FPS Environmental, offers a rundown on planning for the possibility of flood.

Mitigating risk

Simon Crowther, founder of FPS Environmental, offers a rundown on planning for the possibility of flood.