Oxidation approach to destroying PFAS demonstrated at US facility

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) conducted live demonstrations of its industrial Supercritical Water Oxidation (iSCWO) system for destroying PFAS chemicals before a delegation of...

Mercurial matter: Puzzling out PFAS removal in landfill

Envirotec struggles to find solid takeaways in the literature about PFAS contamination in landfills, and what might be done about it. As regulations tighten,...

Measuring oil contamination in soil

Petroleum hydrocarbons in soil continues to be an area of interest for scientists as they are the most common contaminants that are toxic to...

Sponsored Content: Trials show new PFAS adsorbent outperforms current methods

Trials have been undertaken by two independent institutions, using a next generation PFAS adsorbent media developed by Puraffinity, the London based science materials company.

Mangroves are environmental guardians of the coastline, says research

They are the salt-tolerant shrubs that thrive in the toughest of conditions, but according to new research, mangroves are also avid coastal protectors, capable...

A new leaf for remediation?

Some plant species could help to remove toxic heavy metals and metalloids from contaminated soil, as a recent study from researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore appears to demonstrate.

Accelerating remediation of soil

Dunton Environmental shares details of a project to accelerate the remediation of contaminated soils.
Map of cornwall

The problem with arsenic in Cornwall

The geology of Cornwall is unique, with today's landscape a relic of both geological and human processes.

The challenge of meeting zero waste targets in land remediation

Is a remediated site a clean site? Amy Jones, Associate Director with environmental engineering firm Idom Merebrook, considers the challenges of meeting zero waste...

Report calls for greenfield surcharge to encourage brownfield development

A new “greenfield surcharge” is among a series of practical proposals to encourage future brownfield development, according to a new report from member-funded group...
Envirotec Sept/Oct 21

A good soil

Diesel-polluted soil from now defunct military outposts in Greenland can be remediated using naturally occurring soil bacteria, according to the evidence of a recently-completed experiment in Mestersvig in the east of the country. The University of Copenhagen contributed.

Using a mineral ‘sponge’ to catch uranium

Remediation technology said to reduce uranium levels ten-thousandfold at legacy site in Colorado A "sponge-like" mineral that can "soak up" uranium is being tested...

SEPA commences remediation of radioactive contamination in bay of Fife coastal town

Remediation will involve excavating areas of the foreshore, replacing rock armour around the headland and installing a new slipway for the local Sailing Club...

Contaminated land consultants urged to use new British Standard when soil sampling

Concerns raised over reliability of old-style VOC testing Industry specialists working on contaminated land are being urged to use the new British Standard BS 10176...

Geo-data firm supports complex environmental clean-up project

Geo-date specialist Fugro has completed an environmental project supporting the clean-up of one of the most contaminated sites in Denmark. A consortium of COWI...

Sponsored content: Take control of emissions from land reclamation

After decades of neglect, the result of land pollution has reached a level of significance which is now impossible to ignore. Many sites around the world now pose a major hazard for new construction operations and have created a huge clean-up conundrum.

CIRIA appoints research lead for new guidance on sustainable management of surplus soils

CIRIA, the Construction Industry Research and Information Association has commissioned a new research project that aims to produce concise, up to date, interactive guidance...

Excavating in potentially asbestos-contaminated ground – FAQs from contractors

There is significant uncertainty among many contractors and clients over the legal obligations and practical measures required around projects that entail the disturbance of...

AECOM launches PFAS solution at remediation event

Infrastructure services firm AECOM announced the launch of DE-FLUORO™ at the CleanUp 2019 site remediation conference

New land contamination guidance

The EA has published its updated Land Contamination guidance: Risk Management (LCRM) document, which overrides the existing CLR11 publication .