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The new Denso website

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Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd, specialist manufacturers of corrosion prevention and sealing products, recently announced the launch of their newly updated website – Denso.net – with new product pages, a new Surface Preparation Guide and many more exciting new features.
Craggs fuel

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LCM Environmental (part of Craggs Environmental Ltd) provide a wide range of fuel quality and tank safety services to both public and private sector organisations across the UK and beyond.
Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen, Acumen Technical Director Lauren Hill and Acumen's Leon Kirk

Big tank takedown

Specialist waste management and industrial site services provider Acumen has been awarded the project to decommission the South Bank Wharf Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Tank Farm at Teesworks. The project will create 20 new jobs.
Petrochemical storage tanks

Putting tanks to the test

Leaky tanks mean fugitive emissions, air pollution, increased risk of accident and - in the case of biogas operators - loss of product and revenue. On a mission to better inform and equip tank operators in relation to these risks is storage tanks expert Assentech. Envirotec asked the firm about important gaps to be plugged in the information commonly provided to tank specifiers, and in areas such as production testing, leak testing and tank calibration

Cement-free concrete beats corrosion, says research group

Researchers from RMIT University (in Melbourne, Australia) have developed an eco-friendly zero-cement concrete, which is said to all but eliminate corrosion. Concrete corrosion and fatbergs...

Making stronger concrete with ‘sewage-enhanced’ steel slag

A group of researchers say they have shown how a by-product of steelmaking can be used to both treat wastewater and make stronger concrete,...

Radar reaches a new level

Radar offers many performance advantages, although cost and complexity has restricted its use. All that could be changing now

Firm warns of increased microbial-influenced corrosion with IMO 2020-compliant fuels

Microbial monitoring specialist LuminUltra has highlighted concerns over the quality of some compliant fuels as the shipping industry gears up towards meeting the International...

Explosion at California fuel depot

An explosion at a fuel storage facility in the town of Crockett in the San Francisco Bay Area involved around 200 firefighters in a seven-hour struggle to control the blaze

Silo protection the easy way?

Following the earlier launch of the SHIELD silo protection system, silo pressure safety expert Hyocontrol has launched its SHIELD Lite SPS

Bunding: A line of defence against leaks

A recent leak of an "acidic ferric salt solution" from a water treatment works into local waterways resulted in a £600k fine for a UK utility, and raised the possibility of enduring environmental damage. A widely-trusted line-of-defence against such leaks is the use of bunding. Chemical dosing solutions provider WES offers a review of the approach, its applicability and recent refinements
GasMix system

Time to get things moving?

Envirotec asked Landia about their decision to retrofit its GasMix digester mixing system to a legacy AD tank .

Venting problems and the quest for cleaner air

Venting storage tanks is essential for safety and reliability but is a practice that has long been poorly understood and regulated, according to tanks expert Assentech. The specification and maintenance of critical components here - breather valves - often falls short of what's required, and  tank leakage is a widespread problem. But change appears to be afoot, as Envirotec discovered

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Landia has won an order from Doosan Enpure to supply and install a Jet Mixing system for the new Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works on...

New quality seal of approval for storage tank hygiene

Fuel expert OTS TankCare has created an independent fuel certification scheme for fuel distributors that has been authorised by the FPS (Federation of Petroleum...

Better biogas feed as pump solves rectangular tank mixing headache

A new Borger pump at Cliff Quay Wastewater Treatment Works is said to be significantly improving the blend of liquified sludge and cake for...

POME dome success for biogas digester mixing system in Malaysia

As a growing number of countries move away from lagoon-based systems for the treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME), pumps and mixers expert...

Titanic steel tank stores glycerin

German tank maker Stalkamp has recently supplied a very large, stainless steel tank, intended to house glycerin, for fermentation purposes

Wheeled loader for composting site

West London Composting (WLC) has introduced a JCB 457 Wastemaster wheeled loader at its facility near the M40 motorway in Uxbridge, Middlesex

Cold storage road/rail container is world first

University of Birmingham experts have worked with one of the world’s biggest railway rolling stock companies to develop the first-ever shipping container using materials that store and release cold energy