Sponsored content: More Landia mixers for Jersey’s Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works

Landia has won an order from Doosan Enpure to supply and install a Jet Mixing system for the new Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works on...

New quality seal of approval for storage tank hygiene

Fuel expert OTS TankCare has created an independent fuel certification scheme for fuel distributors that has been authorised by the FPS (Federation of Petroleum...

Better biogas feed as pump solves rectangular tank mixing headache

A new Borger pump at Cliff Quay Wastewater Treatment Works is said to be significantly improving the blend of liquified sludge and cake for...

POME dome success for biogas digester mixing system in Malaysia

As a growing number of countries move away from lagoon-based systems for the treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME), pumps and mixers expert...

Titanic steel tank stores glycerin

German tank maker Stalkamp has recently supplied a very large, stainless steel tank, intended to house glycerin, for fermentation purposes

Wheeled loader for composting site

West London Composting (WLC) has introduced a JCB 457 Wastemaster wheeled loader at its facility near the M40 motorway in Uxbridge, Middlesex

Cold storage road/rail container is world first

University of Birmingham experts have worked with one of the world’s biggest railway rolling stock companies to develop the first-ever shipping container using materials that store and release cold energy

Novel gas transport leasing service

Green gas producers will be able to get their fuel to market more economically, says Spanish gas transport specialist Calvera

Bespoke telemetry manages fuel

UK environmental services firm Crown Oil Environmental is offering a telemetry system to help firms monitor their fuel supply

Concrete repair materials chosen for Eastbourne Wastewater Treatment Works

As part of a major £16 million upgrade of Eastbourne Wastewater Treatment Works being carried out on behalf of Southern Water, AkzoNobel’s range of...

Dual range portable monitor fits inerted tank monitoring applications

Crowcon Detection Instruments has launched a new dual range portable monitor to add to its acclaimed Gas-Pro range

Herefordshire firm invests in corrosive waste transportation

Waste management firm Mayglothling Waste has invested in a high specification "acid vacuum tanker", to provide safe transportation and treatment of acids and...

Chemical dosing equipment: invest or hire?

Before investing further in their own chemical dosing equipment, water companies should consider the operational and financial benefits of hiring instead. Kevin Wheeler, Managing...

Water-carrying robot tested in India

Residents of a remote Indian village are seemingly the grateful recipients of a robot to help them carry water from remote locations, a daily and burdensome routine.

Cold water storage tank tests overlook possible presence of pathogenic bacteria

Water-borne bacteria that occur in drinking water storage tanks could be missed by standard health and safety tests

Steel expertise

Stainless steel offers many advantages for fabrication projects, with corrosion resistance being one of the most important, says A&J Fabtech.

New waterproofing and concrete protection for wastewater plants

With MasterSeal 7000 CR, BASF is announcing an innovation to protect concrete and steel structures in extreme wastewater environments.

Space-saving separator

Sites with restricted space and access can mitigate the risk of hazardous oil pollution with BoxSep, a new space-saving separator from environmental services provider, Adler & Allan.

Tanks specialist expands into pipework

Balmoral Tanks has expanded into the pipe arena with the acquisition of Servomac Ltd, the Chesterfield-based pipework specialist, for an undisclosed sum.

German firm extols the merits of stainless steel

German stainless steel products supplier Erich Stallkamp will be exhibiting a number of tank products aimed at the wastewater industry at the forthcoming IFAT...
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