Milestone announced for kerb made from recycled plastic

A firm that specialises in transforming waste plastic into useful construction materials has announced the installation of its 400,000th kerb in the UK -...

Waste oil recycling business recognised in Technology and Innovation category of The National Family...

East Yorkshire-based family business Brocklesby has been recognised as one of the UK’s leading family businesses, chosen as a finalist in the Technology and...

Making haste, not waste

Envirotec asks QUBE Renewables about the challenges of deploying small-scale, local biogas energy generating systems, with particular emphasis on a recent project to convert rice straw to biogas in the Philippines .

Biomethane still ahead, for greening transport

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) marked Clean Air Day on 20 June by highlighting the important contribution to be made by biogas and biomethane from AD, when it comes to cutting our carbon emissions and greening our transport network .

Bringing real-time control to leachate treatment

A new approach to methane stripping appears to bring cutting-edge technology to an area of the wastewater industry that has often appeared inefficient and clunky. Envirotec spoke to Rostech Environmental, to find out more .

Battery enables landfill gas to balance with the gas grid

Flexible energy generation specialist Ylem Energy has installed the UK’s very first 1MW battery energy storage system alongside an existing landfill-gas generator to enable the site to participate in the National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism .

Pressing matter

Early June saw an important funding announcement for plans to establish one of the world's first underground storage facilities for high-level nuclear waste, in Finland. Meanwhile, US plans to reclassify high-level waste in a safer category are proving contentious. Envirotec offers an update on nuclear waste storage .

A different approach to drying

Envirotec spoke to UK distributor REC about the Dryclone air drying system, and about the opportunities that exist to dry bio-waste and sludges at significant cost savings by using waste heat and electricity generated on site .

Sustainable aviation fuel winners announced

A competition challenging scientists to come up with an aviation fuel of the future concluded in May .

Aerobic exercise

An engineering company specialising in the scientific bio-degradation of waste has formed a partnership with UNTHA shredding technology, to roll out a sophisticated aerobic digestion solution for a selection of mixed waste streams .

‘Stop allowing new toxic waste incinerators in London’ Mayor tells ministers

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan called - in late May - for the government to stop permitting the building of 'archaic' polluting waste incinerators as he outined his opposition to a proposed incinerator in Bexley, which is set to raise NOx pollution levels. One of the firms mentioned by the mayor, Cory Riverside Energy, has responded with an account of the situation as they see it, comments which are also included below .

New report highlights the value of biogas in addressing global challenges

• The World Biogas Association (WBA) publishes its latest report on the Global Potential of Biogas to address global environmental and economic challenges • The...

AD and biogas industry celebrates its 2019 champions

The "crème de la crème in the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas industry" gathered at the AD & Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony 2019 in...

Revealed: UK progress towards zero food waste to landfill (according to a new report...

Food waste recycling specialist ReFood released a new report on 3 July, which aims to details the UK’s progress in eliminating food waste from...

Sponsored content: Case study – the University of Bristol’s waste management partner Novus Environmental

Waste management solutions firm Vetspeed - trading as Novus Environmental - currently provides all clinical waste and animal by-product waste services for the University...

Cities play pivotal role in attracting circular economy jobs, suggests report

Local government programmes which encourage and support circular economy practices, such as repair, recycling and circular design activities, not only help attract new investment...

Recycling firm aims to support DRS scheme in the North West

UK recycling firm Advanced Sustainable Developments North West (ASD) is hoping to contribute to creating a circular economy in the North West of England...

Finnish project makes the case for chemical recycling as eco-friendly alternative to incineration

Project explores thermochemical treatment to recycle low-quality plastic waste A portion of collected plastic waste does not qualify for mechanical recycling and ends up incinerated...

WRAP launches £4.7 million grants to increase plastics packaging and textiles recycling in England

Two new grants were unveiled on 12 June to fund capital infrastructure projects in England which will help to drive up the recycling of...

Firm claims biogas industry breakthrough with food waste substrate that is “near 100% free...

Food waste processing expert Gemidan, whose innovative ECOGI technology processes food waste into a high-quality pulp-based substrate for conversion into renewable energy (using AD/biogas),...

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