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Sponsored Content: Major WWTW project sees Gen-C upgrade six biogas engines in an industry...

Gas engine upgrading specialist Gen-C is working with service provider WB Power Services (WBPS) to upgrade six biogas combined heat and power (CHP) engines at wastewater treatment sites across the north of England

Against the grain: What can be done about microplastics in soils and digestate?

Microplastics are everywhere: We know that much. But should we be worried? What can we do about it? Some of the speakers at Aqua Enviro's European Biosolids and Bioresources Conference, in late November, presented findings from a project aiming to understand the levels of this contaminant in compost and AD digestate. A change in the policy landscape seems imminent, as Envirotec found out.

Anaerobic digestion sector to see taxes rise by up to 30%

Operators of both gas to grid and electrical AD plants are facing higher business rates after the UK government changed the way it calculates...

Sponsored Content: More demand for complete system solutions

By Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers

Sponsored Content: ADBA National Conference 2022 to make the business case for anaerobic digestion...

Faced with the energy crisis currently affecting not just the UK but much of the world, the British government is overlooking the gift that is anaerobic digestion (AD), despite the business case for AD development growing stronger by the day.

Selective adsorption

A novel biogas purification system is currently under trial in the Japanese city of Kurashiki.

Efficiency first

That should be the focus for ensuring growth of the biogas sector in Ireland, explains Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers.

Pre-treatment boosts efficiency of converting sewage to biogas

A research team from Washington State University has tested a pretreatment technology that they say improves the conversion of sewage sludge to biogas. The approach...

California utility selects thermal hydrolysis systems for biosolids digesters

San Francisco Public Utilities (SFPUC) has selected three Cambi thermal hydrolysis technology systems for new biosolids digester facilities. The technology will allow the SFPUC...

Magnetic field boosts biogas production

A magnetic field can help enhance the generation of synthetic biogas, according to new research.

Sponsored Content: Biogas production landmark

Scottish Water's treatment centre near Aberdeen is currently leading the way as a centre of excellence for biogas production (from sludge), with its dedicated team tirelessly focused on improving efficiencies.

Sponsored Content: Peerless processing

On the website of tomato producer Guy & Wright (established 1918), the company's self-description includes the legend: “being complete idiots; building our own AD plant.” The story below expands on the designation.

“Biomethane can help boost Northern Ireland’s economy” says Chris Huhne at ADBA Belfast event

Over 160 anaerobic digestion (AD) industry leaders and stakeholders gathered in Belfast on 21 September to discuss the role AD and biogas can...

Utility pilots “transformative” AI approach in wastewater treatment

Anglian Water says transformation of its treatment and recycling processes is being made possible by trials of AI-driven software developed by Norwegian technology company...

BEIS funding supports utility’s project to turn biogas into hydrogen

The UK Government’s department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has awarded £212,000 funding through the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) for the...

Nominations open for Scottish renewable energy awards

The Scottish Green Energy Awards – the UK’s largest celebration of renewables – opened for nominations on 27 July. This year’s event will return to...

Pump expert unveils novel on-farm AD plant protector and biogas booster

Described as a one-step biogas optimisation solution, the WANGEN X-UNIT from anaerobic digestion (AD) pump specialist Agrico is said to protect AD plants from...

AD & Biogas Awards 2022

Event announces 13 winners out of 10 categories, with multiple winners for Women in Biogas and AD Pace Setters – Micro AD, as well...

AD trade body to hold briefing on food waste collection

Implementing separate food waste collections – lunch hosted by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) on 15 June at the NEC Birmingham ...

Why now is the time to tackle biogas leakage

Following a 10-year analysis of the scale of methane leakage at almost 1,000 AD plants across the UK and Europe, Tim Elsome, General Manager of biogas specialists FM BioEnergy, outlines why now is the ideal time to tackle unidentified biogas leaks – and how to protect your plant, profits and the planet.