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AD & Biogas

The latest news stories and articles for anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas.

UK’s biggest green gas producer to launch biology consultancy

On 8 April, Future Biogas - "the UK’s biggest green gas producer" - will launch a subsidiary consultancy service. Called Fern AD, it will...
HRS Heat Exchanger black mechanism

Sponsored Content: Maximising the potential of exhaust gases

HRS Exchangers recently supplied a G Series gas cooling heat exchanger to food waste AD plant operated by one of the UK’s leading waste management companies.

Biomethane could deliver 30% of the UK’s 2030 carbon budget in hardest to decarbonise...

With a supportive policy environment, anaerobic digestion (AD) technology could produce 8 billion m3 biomethane/year, enough to heat 6.4 million homes, by 2030, according...

Trade group reiterates the environmental and economic value of biogas to new ministers

Appointments of new COP26 President and Environment Secretary triggers renewed efforts to demonstrate the benefits of biogas for decarbonising the UK and global...

Boost your biogas yield with free silage training day, suggests AD expert firm

Specialist consultancy FM BioEnergy is running a series of silage training days in March, in conjunction with operators in the AD sphere Calling all on-farm...
ADBA National Conference 2019

Committee on Climate Change CEO Chris Stark to headline ADBA National Conference 2019

ADBA National Conference 2019 will feature an "In Conversation with" session with Chris Stark, CEO of the UK Committee on Climate Change. Conference...

Biogas leakage: How to protect your plant from a silent killer

Tim Elsome, General Manager for FM BioEnergy, outlines the real cost of unidentified biogas leaks – and the inexpensive steps you can take to reduce the risks on your plant

Full-service upgrading solution first

DMT Environmental Technology has announced the launch of Total Solutions Provider (TSP) – an end-to-end project partnership that supports the customer from the moment biogas leaves the digester to when it’s injected directly into the grid

Top tips to perfect your co-generation performance

In this feature, Tim Broadhurst, chief commercial officer at Cooper-Ostlund, discusses the importance of maximising CHP performance and how a few simple steps can boost your site performance significantly

Bio-waste powers board production

A new facility will use organic waste to provide the heat and power required for the production of corrugated sheet board

US research aims to advance AD processes for the production of biofuels

A multi-institutional team led by Colorado State University (CSU) has been awarded $5.1 million from the US Department of Energy to try to improve...

World Biogas Association’s newest members applaud mission to bring industry together to achieve its...

The World Biogas Association (WBA) is bringing the industry together to look at how fast its members could build the infrastructure to collect and treat all the organic wastes generated by society

AD and the UK’s net-zero emissions commitment: ADBA conference to discuss

ADBA’s flagship event returns in December 2019, "marking 10 years of ADBA and 10 years before the UK government must reduce emissions by 57%"

Utility-university partnership to fine tune AD

A partnership between University of York researchers and Yorkshire Water (YW) will work to optimise next-generation anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities .

PAS 110 Complacency? Time to raise the bar, says organic waste firm

As the Environment Agency begins to review its Quality Protocol’s (QPs), it is time, according to one technology provider, to raise the bar much...

AD experts join forces to give operators greater access to viable feedstocks

Two well-known service providers in the anaerobic digestion sector are joining forces with the aim of delivering greater access to rapid, more accurate testing. AD...

Making haste, not waste

Envirotec asks QUBE Renewables about the challenges of deploying small-scale, local biogas energy generating systems, with particular emphasis on a recent project to convert rice straw to biogas in the Philippines .

Biomethane still ahead, for greening transport

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) marked Clean Air Day on 20 June by highlighting the important contribution to be made by biogas and biomethane from AD, when it comes to cutting our carbon emissions and greening our transport network .

New report highlights the value of biogas in addressing global challenges

• The World Biogas Association (WBA) publishes its latest report on the Global Potential of Biogas to address global environmental and economic challenges • The...

AD and biogas industry celebrates its 2019 champions

The "crème de la crème in the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas industry" gathered at the AD & Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony 2019 in...