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The latest news stories and articles for anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas.

AD and the UK’s net-zero emissions commitment: ADBA conference to discuss

ADBA’s flagship event returns in December 2019, according to the anaerobic digestion representative body, "marking 10 years of ADBA and 10 years before the...

Utility-university partnership to fine tune AD

A partnership between University of York researchers and Yorkshire Water (YW) will work to optimise next-generation anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities .

PAS 110 Complacency? Time to raise the bar, says organic waste firm

As the Environment Agency begins to review its Quality Protocol’s (QPs), it is time, according to one technology provider, to raise the bar much...

AD experts join forces to give operators greater access to viable feedstocks

Two well-known service providers in the anaerobic digestion sector are joining forces with the aim of delivering greater access to rapid, more accurate testing. AD...

Making haste, not waste

Envirotec asks QUBE Renewables about the challenges of deploying small-scale, local biogas energy generating systems, with particular emphasis on a recent project to convert rice straw to biogas in the Philippines .

Biomethane still ahead, for greening transport

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) marked Clean Air Day on 20 June by highlighting the important contribution to be made by biogas and biomethane from AD, when it comes to cutting our carbon emissions and greening our transport network .

New report highlights the value of biogas in addressing global challenges

• The World Biogas Association (WBA) publishes its latest report on the Global Potential of Biogas to address global environmental and economic challenges • The...

AD and biogas industry celebrates its 2019 champions

The "crème de la crème in the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas industry" gathered at the AD & Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony 2019 in...

Firm claims biogas industry breakthrough with food waste substrate that is “near 100% free...

Food waste processing expert Gemidan, whose innovative ECOGI technology processes food waste into a high-quality pulp-based substrate for conversion into renewable energy (using AD/biogas),...

AD trade group welcomes extension of RHI tariff guarantee deadline

Deadline for tariff guarantee extended to 31st January 2021 by BEIS Major campaigning win for coordinated ADBA and industry efforts After an intensive campaign...

Better biogas feed as pump solves rectangular tank mixing headache

A new Borger pump at Cliff Quay Wastewater Treatment Works is said to be significantly improving the blend of liquified sludge and cake for...

POME dome success for biogas digester mixing system in Malaysia

As a growing number of countries move away from lagoon-based systems for the treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME), pumps and mixers expert...

Biological support sees plant output double

The operator of a crop fed biogas plant has apparently seen its energy output double in just six months

Food industry needs to deliver energy and water efficiency and move to a circular...

By Richard Gueterbock of Clearfleau Group

Technology enables biogas plant optimisation

Environmental measurement firm Vaisala explains how a new in-line biogas monitoring technology enables the optimisation of several processes at plants

Siloxane sentinel

As monitoring firm Safe Training Systems (STS) says, the production of biogas from wastewater AD ticks all the green eco boxes and has few objectors

Siloxane sentinel

As monitoring firm Safe Training Systems (STS) says, the production of biogas from wastewater AD ticks all the green eco boxes and has few...

London firm converts 25-strong waste collection fleet to CNG fuel ahead of ULEZ

London’s largest independent food waste collector has completed preparations for the capital’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) by revealing plans to convert all 25...

AD industry body calls for low-carbon CfD scheme to support small-scale renewables

Anaerobic digestion (AD) trade body ADBA makes call on day that Feed-In Tariff ends AD has potential to generate 75 terrawatt hours of...

Scottish Government’s Mike Berry on AD’s role in Scotland’s circular economy

Ahead of chairing a session at the ADBA Scottish National Conference 2019, Mike Berry, Senior Policy Adviser for the Scottish Government, sets out the...
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