Thursday, May 26, 2022

The health and safety considerations of confined space entry for cleaning terminal storage tanks

A regular tank cleaning regime cuts cross-contamination risks, safeguards key components and detects structural issues that could trigger catastrophic leaks and spills. Without stringent...
Phone tower in city

How green is 5G?

A panoply of dazzling new IoT applications is a given, it would seem, with all the potential benefits one might expect from a step-change in wireless connectivity. But what about the environmental footprint? Sally Beare writes.

Using data to create a safer environment for lone workers on an AD plant

With the waste and recycling sector ranking the second highest for workplace death rates according to the HSE annual workplace fatality figures for...
Envirotec Sept/Oct 21

Noise frequency weightings: A quick guide

Noise measurement expert Pulsar Instruments explains the difference between the various noise frequency weightings, and why you need to know about them.
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Sponsored Content: Advanced technology for air sampling

Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of 20 tradespeople every week. Despite being banned in the UK, asbestos can still be found widely, posing a threat to anyone who disturbs the dangerous material.

Fleet operator scheme urges greater awareness of drug and alcohol impairment risk

Fleet operator accreditation scheme FORS* is urging operators to be extra vigilant when it comes to managing drug and alcohol impairment this summer. In...

Sponsored Content: Global health and safety standard for drainage expert

National drainage and wastewater specialist Lanes Group has achieved ISO 45001, the world's first global ISO standard for occupational health and safety.

Sponsored Content: A new level of enhanced, reliable protection against VOCs

Offering a new level of enhanced, reliable protection against VOCs with the first 11.7 Cub personal solution from ION Science In a 2018 report...

Report says smart lampposts can assist Covid response and recovery

A new generation of smart lampposts that can read body temperatures and detect overcrowding could stop the spread of Covid-19 and regenerate cities, according...

NW England firefighters urge caution over moorland fires risk

Fire and rescue services from the north west of England are joining forces to issue warnings about wildfires in their areas. As schools break up...

Precision toxicology consortium “will transform approaches to chemical safety management”

A research project to shape regulation and policy on chemical safety, and without the use of animal testing, has been launched with the aid...

New report aims to advance safety for waste collection vehicle crews during the pandemic

Report by University College London supports the importance of ventilation and cleaning A new report from UCL, commissioned by resource recovery firm Veolia, presents...

Sponsored content: Ionizer tech inhibits SARS-Cov-2

Contract research organisation Texcell has verified the inhibitory effect of nanoe™ X, an ionizer technology developed by Panasonic capable of generating “nano-sized atomized water particles”.

Preventing aerosol transmission

A variety of measures are needed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 in nursing homes, and it is particularly important to develop a strategy to protect healthcare workers from airborne transmission.

We can escape “the era of pandemics” says biodiversity expert group, but it will...

Future pandemics will emerge more often, spread more rapidly, do more damage to the world economy and kill more people than COVID-19 unless there...

Coronavirus grant boosts safety at waste management firms

Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government are helping the resource management industry meet the challenges of the coronavirus, allocating more than £820k in grants to waste management firms across the country to adapt in response to the pandemic.
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Sponsored Content: Getting serious about hygiene

Environmental Science Ltd (ESL) is to expand and restructure its business, with a move into the development, manufacture and distribution of hygiene products, including hand sanitisers, sprays, medicated soaps, surface and floor wipes and disinfectants.

Innovative solutions found for offshore wind workforce during pandemic

As the offshore wind sector adjusts to working with increased physical separation during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, G+ Global Offshore Wind Health & Safety...

Monitoring the health effects of slate and tile cutting

When working with slate and tiles, certain construction activities are known to produce high levels of crystalline silica dust which, if not monitored and...

Listen up: Limited time offer on noise monitoring equipment

According to estimates from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 21,000 workers suffered with work related hearing problems between 2017 and 2019, with industrial...