Automation for the people: reducing injury in quarrying

Harrowing statistics from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work state that quarry workers are twice as likely to be killed in an accident...

Purifiers improve heart health, says study

A six-month study concludes that the use of portable home air purifiers can improve some markers of cardiovascular health in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

Travelling farther away from home linked to better health

People who travel more outside of their local area feel that they are healthier than those who stay closer to home, according to a...

Sponsored Content: Standalone, ceiling-mounted ionizer for improved indoor air

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has introduced the air-e, its first stand-alone, ceiling-mounted nanoe™X generator. The air-e has a low power consumption and is ideal for a wide variety of applications where indoor air quality is a priority, including for installation in hotels, schools, care homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants, homes and more.

Sponsored Content: Industrial safety award-winner showcases success

OBW Technologies is a leading national provider of portable and fixed gas detection instruments and solutions, based in Ireland. Over the last 10 years, says the firm, they have brought together a team with the best minds in gas detection using the best technology to advise their clients on all aspects of their fixed and portable gas detection requirements.

Connected detector

A new single-gas detection wearable from Blackline Safety is said to offer fast incident response time and a more efficient way to manage safety and compliance.

Pressure is on for hydrostatic pipeline testing

Serious injuries to a young woman in Leicestershire, the consequence of a hydrostatic pressure test going wrong, should be a wake-up call to the...

Leeds City Council waives ticket costs for air quality conference

An accredited online medical conference bringing together some of the country’s top air pollution experts will now be free to attend on 4 October,...

First UK study of synthetic chemicals found in food

The first comprehensive assessment of common synthetic chemicals found in UK foods has been completed by researchers at the University of Birmingham. In the study,...

Tips for reducing hearing loss

Answer provided by Dr Jamie Bogle, an otolaryngology specialist at healthcare provider the Mayo Clinic

All-time record level recorded for fire likelihood index

A combination of record temperatures and dry weather in the UK this summer are causing "exceptionally high" levels of danger from extreme wildfires, according...

Waste and recycling: taking a proactive approach to fire safety

As we enter the warmer months, waste and recycling sites are increasingly vulnerable to fire. Such risks are amplified by the presence of batteries...

The health and safety considerations of confined space entry for cleaning terminal storage tanks

A regular tank cleaning regime cuts cross-contamination risks, safeguards key components and detects structural issues that could trigger catastrophic leaks and spills. Without stringent...
Phone tower in city

How green is 5G?

A panoply of dazzling new IoT applications is a given, it would seem, with all the potential benefits one might expect from a step-change in wireless connectivity. But what about the environmental footprint? Sally Beare writes.

Using data to create a safer environment for lone workers on an AD plant

With the waste and recycling sector ranking the second highest for workplace death rates according to the HSE annual workplace fatality figures for...
Envirotec Sept/Oct 21

Noise frequency weightings: A quick guide

Noise measurement expert Pulsar Instruments explains the difference between the various noise frequency weightings, and why you need to know about them.
Casella vortex 3

Sponsored Content: Advanced technology for air sampling

Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of 20 tradespeople every week. Despite being banned in the UK, asbestos can still be found widely, posing a threat to anyone who disturbs the dangerous material.

Fleet operator scheme urges greater awareness of drug and alcohol impairment risk

Fleet operator accreditation scheme FORS* is urging operators to be extra vigilant when it comes to managing drug and alcohol impairment this summer. In...

Sponsored Content: Global health and safety standard for drainage expert

National drainage and wastewater specialist Lanes Group has achieved ISO 45001, the world's first global ISO standard for occupational health and safety.

Sponsored Content: A new level of enhanced, reliable protection against VOCs

Offering a new level of enhanced, reliable protection against VOCs with the first 11.7 Cub personal solution from ION Science In a 2018 report...