Friday, September 24, 2021
Casella vortex 3

Sponsored Content: Advanced technology for air sampling

Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of 20 tradespeople every week. Despite being banned in the UK, asbestos can still be found widely, posing a threat to anyone who disturbs the dangerous material.

Decontamination system claimed to support reuse of healthcare PPE

Described as a range of state of the art UV-C disinfection chambers for the healthcare industry, the Mackwell Health Whitebox is seemingly equipped to...

Sponsored Content: High flow pump simplifies asbestos and air sampling

Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of more than 39,000 Americans every year. Despite the material’s known health impacts, it can be found in older homes and industrial properties and continues to be used in products such as gaskets, friction products, roofing materials and fireproofing materials, posing a threat to workers in construction and general industry.

ERF has been “pivotal” in tackling COVID-19 waste, says Veolia

Reduced clinical waste disposal capacity in the UK has been met by rapidly adapting existing facilities Resource management company Veolia says its latest data highlights...

SEPA commences remediation of radioactive contamination in bay of Fife coastal town

Remediation will involve excavating areas of the foreshore, replacing rock armour around the headland and installing a new slipway for the local Sailing Club...

Ocean-dumping for Fukushima wastewater: Japan’s complex decision remains contentious

Japan has ended years of speculation over the fate of radioactive wastewater stored in tanks at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant since the 2011...

Firm partners with National Chemical Emergency Centre to bolster chemical response capability

Environmental risk reduction specialist Adler and Allan has partnered with the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) to provide training for its employees to deal...

Sponsored content: Adler and Allan announces trio of acquisitions

Adler and Allan, has announced the acquisition of three companies into the group: electrical specialists AMGS Electrical, hazardous material specialist Flotech Performance Systems Limited (Flotech) and industrial sewage specialist and underground infrastructure specialist Oneline Surveys

Plans for Scotland’s first hazardous soil treatment centre announced

Research project to create new materials from recycling’s waste products Heriot-Watt University has joined forces with Brewster Bros, a recycling business based in Livingston,...

Sponsored content: Take control of emissions from land reclamation

After decades of neglect, the result of land pollution has reached a level of significance which is now impossible to ignore. Many sites around the world now pose a major hazard for new construction operations and have created a huge clean-up conundrum.
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Disposal plan all at sea?

As rain and groundwater continue to pour into the site – at a rate of 180m3 per day in 2019 – the volume of contaminated water is expected to reach 1.37 million tonnes by the end of 2020

Continuous flow chemistry process picks up French award

A French-government award that recognises sustainable chemistry initiatives has been picked up by Minakem, a CDMO for active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry....

Tracking chemicals of concern in products: SCIP database ready for use

Industry can now submit information on substances of very high concern to ECHA’s SCIP database. The aim is to make recycling of products safer...

The importance of regulation and compliance in the disposal of your chemical waste

Waste management firm Chloros Environmental specialises in the disposal of hazardous waste and recycling solutions. Here, managing director Richard Hurdle offers a contemporary perspective...

Investigating toxic mining waste in the West Balkans

In politically sensitive regions of the West Balkans, the mineralogist and crystallographer Tamara Đorđević has been investigating mining waste contaminated with arsenic and other...

Firm cites significant carbon reductions for using energy recovery facilities to treat clinical waste

Resource management firm Veolia is highlighting how significant emissions reductions can be achieved by using energy recovery facilities, ERF, to dispose of the more...

Liverpool company develops virtual reality tool to save Sellafield £20 million

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) has developed a mixed reality training tool for Britain’s biggest nuclear waste site, Sellafield

Pressing matter

Early June saw an important funding announcement for plans to establish one of the world's first underground storage facilities for high-level nuclear waste, in Finland. Meanwhile, US plans to reclassify high-level waste in a safer category are proving contentious. Envirotec offers an update on nuclear waste storage .

NHS Scotland awards 10-year waste contract

Following a furore over clinical waste storage in late 2018, which led to an EA investigation and the closure of NHS-appointed waste operator HES,...

New asbestos awareness course for waste management workers

With asbestos-related deaths on the rise, a new course will specifically address people who work in waste management or on civic amenity sites, titled...