Lanes drains landfill

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The waste water was removed for treatment and disposal.

The waste water was removed for treatment and disposal.

SPECIALIST drainage firm Lanes for Drains demonstrated its versatility last month when it managed the removal of 250 tonnes of waste water from a landfill in East Anglia.
The company, which specialises in unblocking drains and sewers, removed the water from the site over a weekend and transferred it to a waste transfer station for treatment and disposal.
“Because of our experience and equipment, we can manage the transportation of many forms of liquid or solid waste,” said Mark Reed, area sales manager for the St Neots depot that handled the project. “Our jetting tankers can suck up liquid or be used to liquefy solid material before removing it from any site.”
The company can also use its jetting equipment to clean the site and make sure all polluted material is collected.

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