Chemical course backed

The course will give an insight into what can go wrong when hazardous chemicals are stored or handled incorrectly.

DSC-Ltd has announced that its training course on storing dangerous chemicals is now fully accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.
The Dangerous Substance Explosive Atmosphere Regulation 2002 (DSEAR) course was developed specifically to help health and safety representatives, shop floor engineers, managers and directors understand the implications of what can go wrong when using, storing or transporting flammable and hazardous chemicals.
In addition to basics such as the fire danger triangle, use of flammables in the workplace, methods of correct storage and legal penalties for non-compliance with DSEAR, the course also covers issues that many people would never consider when doing their risk assessment because they may not have the depth of experience to recognise the severity of the possible dangers. The implications of production processes, explosive atmospheres generated by substances not classified as flammable, the associations of flash point, auto ignition, vapour pressure and density, and limits of flammability are all included.
DSC-Ltd also runs its standard two-hour DSEAR awareness lectures for employees and trainees handling flammable and hazardous materials as part of their daily routines.
A spokesman for the company warned: “Don’t get caught out. It is paramount to a serious offence not to have completed a DSEAR risk assessment if you or your company use flammable substances of any description and are then involved in an accident situation.”

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