Don’t get too stressed when the heat is on

33_a_13A device that sends out a warning when environmental conditions enter a danger zone is the latest addition to the product line-up of Richard Paul Russell.
The 4400 is a heat stress tracker that provides waterless wet bulb globe temperature, thermal work limits, globe temperature and
naturally aspirated wet bulb temperature and displays an on-screen warning signal when conditions get dangerous.
The 4400 (pictured) is part of the range of Kestrel hand-held weather meters that can measure everything from wind speed and temperature to humidity and barometric pressure.
Russell also has a portfolio of fixed anemometers with full environmental monitoring capabilities. The MetPak ll Weather Station, for example, is a lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures wind speed and direction via the WindSonic sensor, using ultrasonic technology. It also records temperature, humidity and barometric measurements, with calculated dew point using industry standard sensors.
RPR also has a selection of data loggers that can then log the information. The SpaceLogger WindLogger has been developed specifically for economic logging of real-time wind speed and direction data when using anemometers with a single serial output.