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HACH LANGE has achieved FDT certification for its sc200 Universal Controller and associated sensors in a move that will make it simpler and quicker for process managers to integrate the company’s range of water and wastewater analytical instruments.
The sc200 completed tests for Device Type Managers (DTM) and is available with 43 sensors and analysers covering 20 parameters. “As a result, this multi-sensor DTM represents the world’s broadest certified portfolio of water and wastewater analytical devices,” the company said.
FDT/DTM is an open standardised technology providing a communication and configuration interface between field devices and host systems. Under FDT/DTM, any device can be configured, operated and maintained through the standardised user interface – regardless of supplier, type or communication protocol.
The sc200 provides users with the ability to configure device parameters, operate devices via a standardised graphical user interface and access advanced diagnostic information from any location.
Configurable to operate either one or two digital or analogue sensor inputs, the sc200 replaces the sc100 Controller and has advanced features for easier operation. All logged measurement and diagnostic data can be extracted in XML format from the controller via an SD Card slot, which also provides a simple means for firmware updates.
HACH LANGE’s Martin Small said: “This announcement is great news for industrial process managers because it will now be even simpler to integrate any of our leading sensors into their monitoring and control systems.”

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