Light and flexible product fills an important gap

pipe stoppers
Inflatable pipe stoppers can provide quick and reliable sealing of pipework.

MARIS Pumps will be the first company in the UK to stock the new range of inflatable pipe stoppers and bypass bags from international polymers company Trelleborg.

The products are said to offer a new standard in inflatable pipe stoppers, enabling a lighter, more flexible and safer solution.
Maris says the benefits of Trelleborg pipe plugs include improved positioning of the reinforced material, translating into a much lighter product. The new design also means tight manholes or 90˚ turns are no longer an issue. The new pipe plug is also described as safer to use.
Maris Pumps offers free nationwide, next-day delivery and collection. “Simply repack the inflatable pipe stopper and controller into the transport crate and Maris Pumps will collect it from your site”.
Inflatable pipe stoppers and bypass bags from Trelleborg are presented as an optimal solution for achieving quick and reliable sealing of drainage channels, pipework and sewers, enabling inspection, maintenance or repair work to be carried out. A range of sizes are available to suit pipework in all applications from 40mm drainage channels through to 2400mm sewers.
Inflatable pipe stoppers enable the complete blanking of pipework, while bypass bags seal the pipework, and in conjunction with a suitable pump, will bypass the working area.