Repairing a big pipe

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A rapid setting repair mortar manufactured by Flexcrete Technologies has been used during the repair and protection of an aqueduct which carries 570 million litres of water a day from a Cumbrian reservoir.

Flexcrete Fastfill, an engineering quality, Portland cement-based structural mortar, was used for the repair of concrete lined tunnels at Haweswater Aqueduct, which supplies drinking water to around two million homes across South Cumbria, Central Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Comprising one of the UK’s largest and most important water pipes, the aqueduct is 110km long and hundreds of feet below ground level in parts. Considered an example of engineering heritage, it enables water to flow from Haweswater Reservoir in Cumbria to Heaton Park Reservoir in Manchester.
The Flexcrete mortar was hand applied by structural repair specialists Ram Services. The regional water company United Utilities has been conducting the first detailed structural anaysis of the acqueduct in its 60 year history.

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