Containment solution from green geomembrane


LANDLINE Containment Solutions, one of the country’s leading geomembrane supply and installation companies, has released the Landflex EcoBarrier, which offers a complete environmentally-friendly containment solution for a range of construction and agricultural projects.

Stephen Quill, Managing Director of Landline Limited said: “Put simply, the EcoBarrier is recycled to conserve and engineered to perform. Not only is it limiting the amount of waste going to landfill and reducing the carbon footprint, but it is expertly engineered to offer superior performance in a range of applications.
“Quality has not been sacrificed in order to achieve high levels of sustainability; instead these two elements complement each other to produce a product that is strong, flexible, versatile and enduring.”
The Landflex EcoBarrier can be fully welded to give a secure containment seal and can easily accommodate uneven surfaces and hard edges, which makes it the ideal material for use in porous paving, large attenuation projects, gas protection schemes and many other construction jobs. It can also be used within sports pitch construction as a below-ground irrigation/drainage control barrier. And it can be used as a newt barrier or for weed control, and in a variety of farming and agricultural applications


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