Decontamination that stays upright


WHEN deploying tall equipment such as water filtration systems in unstructured, off-road environments, there is always the danger that it might fall over, or be subject to vandalism or some other mishap.

Environmental industrial services specialist Harpers Environmental has recently filed a patent for the way it has put together some of its systems that treat contaminated water, imbuing them with an unusual level of structural stability.
It means equipment can be quietly installed and left to run, even on an uneven surface, without fear that it will fall over or be damaged. Developed in response to the requirements of a client, a national utility in the power generation arena, it meets the need for a safe but cost effective solution.
The unique arrangement also allows treatment to occur faster and reduces the carbon footprint. The technology has apparently saved several utility companies thousands of pounds and has been used across the UK.
The equipment in question incorporates filtering and cleansing, and is intended for use with water that may have become contaminated through its contact with industrial processes or its use as a sealant or coolant or something similar. The Harpers system removes contaminants, allowing it to be flushed down the drain safely.
Harpers Environmental services all of the UK from York and Teeside, and has clients in the utilities and power generation sector.
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