Horizontal fan coil units simplify construction


DUNHAM-Bush Ltd has launched the CRE series, a new range of horizontal fan coil units (FCUs) which offer simplified construction at a lower price while still retaining quality of build and predictable performance.

Mike Holding, Managing Director of Dunham-Bush, explained: “We already offer a comprehensive range of FCUs aimed at the specification market and available in three depths: the Panther at 280mm, Lynx at 230mm and Cougar at 180mm. Vertical cased and air side control units are also available as standard products. Our FCUs have developed a reputation for quality, predictable sound levels and compatibility with most control systems.
“Yet we recognised a sector of the market requires a particular configuration of FCU. These are organisations that need standard units with simplified selection, which nonetheless retain a dependable performance, predictable sound levels, and are available on fast delivery. These units satisfy those requirements and represent excellent value where the additional features of more costly units may not be required. Our new CRE range is available on short deliveries even when configured to suit the customers’ specific requirements.”
Manufactured in Portsmouth, the new units are configured with EC fan motors which result in significant energy reduction of up to 60%, with infinitely variable speed controlled by on-board adjustment or BMS (building management system) interface. The new units are an ideal solution for the cost effective treatment of commercial and industrial buildings without compromisING on high standards of engineering quality.
Holding continues, “The CRE units are perfect for providing efficient and effective cooling and heating to most buildings including commercial office and retail spaces, hotel common areas, bedrooms and restaurants.”
CRE units are available in a range of 10 sizes and can be concealed for installation into ceiling voids at least 250mm deep. They comprise a galvanised steel inlet plenum with inlet filter, fan/motor section, cooling coil, discharge spigots and optional electric heating.
Holding concludes, “Each CRE fan coil unit is supplied individually packed, complete with specific installation instructions, wiring diagrams and clearly visible unit reference to ease identification at site.”
• For more information please visit www.dunham-bush.co.uk

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