School offers flexible paths to certification

AN exam free route to professional certification from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is being supported by the Environment Academy, a training provider based in Newcastle.

It offers an IEMA Associate Certificate for the Environmental Practitioner. This training course has been approved by IEMA for Associate level membership, according to the Academy’s Tamma Carel. “The USP about this course is that we are only one of two training providers in the UK to offer a route to Associate Membership without taking the IEMA exam,” she said. This may be particularly useful for individuals who perhaps don’t have much practical experience. Her organisation also trains a large number of sustainability managers within organisations of varying size. The course in this case comprises four classroom-based workshops and one online module. Assessment is through the collation of a portfolio of competence based evidence.
The course is designed to provide individuals with the environmental knowledge and skills necessary to improve the environmental performance of their organisation. The course content will help individuals to identify how their organisation impacts on the environment and their legal obligations, as well as equipping them with the tools to save money from the bottom line through increased resource efficiency.
Whether a company is starting to build an environmental management system (EMS) or has a mature system already in place, this course will provide the environmental practitioner with up to date skills and techniques in order to embed a culture of continual improvement in terms of environmental performance, she says.
The candidate will also implement a waste minimisation scheme for their organisation and conduct a live environmental risk assessment.
The Environment Academy also offers an IEMA Environmental Awareness Award for Business and Industry, an online course (completed in roughly 5 hours over 90 days access) that provides learners with an introduction to general environmental awareness and sustainable business practices.
This course is approved by IEMA as a recognised Continual Personal Development (CPD) course and is ideal for raising environmental awareness for any non-specialist individual. The course was apparently praised by IEMA for its attractive presentation, straight forward language and coverage of environmental science.
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