Bristol furniture reuse project goes into second phase

Bristol City Council is nearing the end of the first phase of a project to reuse all its unwanted furniture within the local community.

As part of the Council’s drive to protect front line services in the face of large spending cuts, it’s reducing the amount number of buildings that it uses.


This meant that there was a large amount of furniture and equipment that was no longer needed. In the spirit of being European Green Capital this year, the council wanted to make sure that none of this went to waste.  Local charities, voluntary groups, social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations were offered the chance to obtain this equipment free of charge in what has proved to be a very popular scheme.

Bristol City Council is continuing to work in partnership with Collecteco to redistribute at least 80% of any remaining kit and any items that will result from any further building closures. Non-repairable, broken or obsolete items will be dismantled for upcycling or recycling and the few remaining objects will be sent to generate energy. None of it will be sent to a landfill site. George Ferguson, Bristol Mayor, said: “This has been a great green initiative which has allowed the council to give back to the organisations which help make Bristol the exciting and dynamic place that it is.  Not only has this been a useful program for these groups but it has also ensured that the council continues to lead the way in ethical and environmental practice. ”

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