Screw package cuts energy by 30%

GARDNER Denver has launched its new Robuschi Robox Screw compressor and blower package for the wastewater treatment industry; designed to save customers up to 30 per cent on their energy consumption.
Shown for the first time to customers in the UK at Utility Week Live, the package is available in high (up to 2.5 bar) and low pressure (1 bar) configurations. It offers a range of innovative features to provide a robust yet simple construction that delivers high performance in aggressive environments such as water purification, effluent treatment and biogas applications.

Robuschi Robox screw compressor
The Robuschi Robox screw compressor uses an oil-free design to reduce the risk of contamination of water or the biodegradation process.

At the core of the new package is the RSW compressor, which has been purpose-designed for longevity and performance. The robust construction incorporates oxidation-resistant coating on the rotor shafts, to ensure performance levels are maintained and, the wide-diameter shafts help to reduce the deformation caused by internal and external loads, meaning the compressor can work efficiently in even the harshest conditions.
The unit’s oil-free design provides clean air to the process, to avoid the risk of oil contamination in the water supply or adverse effects on the biodegrading process. It provides the maximum airflow, up to 10,500 m3/h to deliver a consistent supply of air to the application.
To further enhance performance, Robuschi engineers have designed the package with a simple construction with the minimum number of component parts to help reduce maintenance and service costs and make installation quick and straightforward. The compressor features a traditional belt drive in place of a gear overdrive and for applications with a reduced thermal speed, uses a simplified lubrication system. Together with the low rotor rotation speed, these features combine to deliver very quiet running, keeping sound emissions to a minimum.
Industry experts from the company’s Elmo Rietschle product range were demonstrating the new GBH-8 side channel blower together with representatives from the Wittig range of compressors for air and process gas applications.
Purpose-designed for aggressive water industry environments, Wittig rotary vane compressors can be used to boost pressure in biogas applications and for sludge agitation during the digestion process.