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ENHANCEMENTS have been made to GE Analytical Instruments’ Sievers InnovOx Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyser, a tool intended to help companies monitor, measure and control the organics in their wastewater and industrial process water.
Organic contamination of water is an ongoing challenge for businesses and local authorities. The “Innovox” of the instrument’s title stands for “innovative oxidation”, and it’s claim to innovation partly rests with the fact it can consecutively handle thousands of common samples – as well as difficult ones such as brine and cellulose – with “unprecedented system up-time”.

The new product enhancements emphasise the speed advantages, allowing the advanced TOC analyser technology to monitor organ- ics using close to real-time data to monitor and optimise water processes for higher up-time and overall cost savings for custom-
ers. InnovOx analysers are said to include robust sample handling capability, Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) technology and simple maintenance and operation, all designed to enhance performance and uptime in challenging applications. However, recent enhancements to application-specific sample preparation of the TOC Analyser technology include the ability to handle water samples with up to 5 percent organics and up to 0.1 per- cent total suspended solids, plus particles in wastewater and hightemperature sample measurement. With continuous monitoring capability, InnovOx catches organic spikes in process water providing the near real-time data needed to identify issues and optimise processes, says GE. By removing sample and precipitated impurities between each analytical run, InnovOx eliminates contamination of sample matrices, providing reliable, long-term system performance.
The firm’s website says: “The InnovOx offers unparalleled oxidation robustness, a dynamic linear work- ing range of 0.5 to 50,000 ppm, and calibration curve stability for TOC analysis of industrial waste and environmental or process water samples.”

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