When to Renew and when to Refurbish?

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Jacopa’s Factory and Assembly Manager Allan Withers

Wastewater solutions and services experts Jacopa provide a specialist, bespoke refurbishment facility that allows ageing or failing wastewater treatment equipment to be brought back to a working condition.

The Company are experts in refurbishing equipment both in the field and at their unique facility in West Bromwich. If an asset is too large to bring back to the facility, Jacopa’s highly-experienced team will work on site, disassembling and bringing back key items as required.

Jacopa’s Factory and Assembly Manager Allan Withers explains: “Wastewater treatment equipment, by the nature of the work it does, is highly contaminated, but we have the capability to ensure that it is made safe both for transporting to our site and for the intensive work that will be done as part of the refurbishment itself.”

“Our mechanical and electrical Service Teams have decades of experience, and at the West Bromwich site we have a consent license to discharge effluent that enables us to operate a fully compliant washdown area to the conditions set by the statutory water company. The facility enables us to give the assets a hot detergent wash to ensure they are clean and safe within a controlled area. It is a very specialised offering.”

On site, Jacopa has detailed operational guidelines that determine how equipment is handled and cleaned. There are also comprehensive guidelines to ensure mobile items can be transported safely and hygienically back to the West Bromwich facility. The health and safety of both the team,other personnel involved in the operation and the public is a key consideration.

Allan Withers says: “Everything we do is risk assessed and carried out to high levels of Health and Safety best practice; we have to be aware not only of the risks to our own team but to others and to the wider environment.”

“When a refurbishment project is complete, we aim to return the item to service in the best possible condition, extending the life span of a valued asset by many years. For utilities, an expert refurbishment undertaken by our certified team, with its many decades of expertise, can be an attractive and better value alternative to purchasing new replacement equipment.”



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