Better than conventional sandbags?


Environmental services provider Adler & Allan has launched a new “fast-acting” flood defence system, SoakBags, which is said to be quick and easy to deploy in flooding or chemical spill situations, leaving no ill effects on the environment post clean-up.
Presented as an effective alternative to sandbags, SoakBags are made of a gelling polymer which absorbs water or other liquids, including chemicals, to become taut in just over three minutes. It can absorb up to 20 litres of water.
They appear to be lighter and more compact than traditional sandbags (weighing 200 grams before use) – one person can easily carry up to 20 bags at any one time, says the firm. They are also said to be “completely biodegradable”, once full, as long as the water is contaminant free.
Alan Scrafton of Adler & Allan said SoakBags have already proven their worth helping Scottish communities deal with the recent floods – “we donated 200 bags to the Scottish Flood Forum when their sandbag supplies ran out.”

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