Water ‘gate’ solution chosen by Thames Water for flood protection


Flood Protection Solutions’ Simon Crowther says “the Water Gate flood barriers work well, are quick and easy to use and are cost-effective, as we can reuse them”.

The Water Gate is a temporary flood protection solution which once rolled out self deploys using the weight of the water itself to hold the water back and prevent flooding, according to UK distributor Flood Protection Solutions.

Thames Water first purchased the Water Gate in 2014 when it purchased 730 metres of the WL model Water-Gate Barriers in varying heights ranging from 15 cm high to 1.5 meters. The various heights and lengths meant that the company could be ready for anything ensuring they could offer their customers the very highest level of protection should any flooding occur.

Being a self-deploying and reusable system, the Water Gate has not only saved Thames Water money through being able to use the system more than once, but also in its effectiveness. Previously, it had been thought that sandbags were the go-to resource to prevent flooding. However, it has now been proven that this course of action is ineffective and costly not only to deploy but also to clean up.

Water Gate

The Water Gate’s effectiveness also aided in Thames Water saving money on insurance claims, clean-up teams and flood related fines.

Thames Water’s Justin Lambourne comments: “Flooding is a miserable experience, which is why we are arming ourselves with the latest technology to help protect our customers. We’ve found the Water Gate flood barriers work well, are quick and easy to use and are cost-effective, as we can reuse them.”


Simon Crowther, Founder of Flood Protection Solutions comments: “We are very proud of our work and pleased Thames Water is benefitting from using our Water-Gate flood protection barriers. They are now even more prepared to respond quickly and effectively in the event of any future emergencies. We work with agencies and homeowners all across the UK and it is great to see we are helping protect homes, businesses and infrastructure.”

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