Bosker breaks out at Pump Centre event

Jacopa breakout

Screening is the first line of defence for treatment works and at the Pump Centre 2016 Jacopa presented the very latest in trash rake technology from manufacturer Bosker®. There may be over 1200 Bosker® trash rakes now installed but the company has not rested on its laurels and has continued to develop its robust and reliable technology.
Visitors to the Pump Centre conference were able to learn about the manufacturer’s very latest technology, including an innovative new mechanical grab, from Jacopa’s Key Account Manager Mick Burton who presented a breakout session entitled ‘Protecting your vital assets’ to a packed audience of delegates from across the industry.
Pumps and other critical water and wastewater treatment plant and processes can be badly damaged by debris passing ineffective screens. This disruption is not only an unwanted expense, it can interrupt the smooth running of a treatment plant and is therefore a potential threat to compliance that water companies are keen to avoid.
The Bosker trash rake is a combination of trash rake, overhead conveyor and debris loading system, which not only cuts costs considerably but also provides a complete solution that works in harmony to dispose of this type of debris. The equipment is pre-programmed with differential level settings, for use in any depth of channel, and can be retrofitted into existing channels with a minimum of modification.
Bosker Sales Director, Rob Haak also travelled to the Pump Centre from the Company’s Nederlands HQ and was able to provide visitors with insight into Bosker’s worldwide operations. Jacopa’s agreement with Bosker gives the wastewater treatment system and service specialist’s sole distribution rights to the company’s well-regarded water and wastewater screen equipment in the UK and Ireland municipal water markets.

Where are they installed?
Bosker trash rakes have been installed at power stations, dams, large pumping stations and cooling water intakes around the world and a space-saving version, the Bosker Bandit, has been developed for use at smaller pumping stations and inlet works.
Jacopa recently won a major contract to protect fine screens and other equipment at Thames Water’s massive Deephams wastewater treatment works in Enfield, where the overhead trash rake were installed on the high level inlet to replace Rotating Bar Interceptors and bar screens.
Jacopa’s Key Account Manager Mick Burton says: “The Bosker units offer many advantages, they are simple to use and install, robust, and very effective. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get a cost effective solution that’s optimised for their site, and we’re confident that each one will provide extremely high performance debris removal for many years.”
A video of the installation at Thames Water’s Deephams works can be seen on the Jacopa website at: where you can also view the complete presentation made by Mick Burton at the Pump Centre.
Jacopa’s all new straight through screen (STS) also made a debut at the Pump Centre. Designed to provide effective protection to downstream assets at wastewater treatment plant inlet works, this high efficiency-low cost unit features easily replaceable screen panels and low cost replacement parts.
Managing Director Alex Lloyd said: “The move to emphasise solutions based on TOTEX means that the industry is looking for robust and effective assets that are easy to refurbish, repair, retrofit and upgrade. This emphasis on ‘outcomes’ rather than ‘outputs’ will fuel interest in equipment like the Bosker and our new STS screen that can help meet this aim.”