Online COD claims edge for the roughest wastewater

Envitech will be discussing organic loading measurement, and recent product releases from LAR Process Analyzers, at the forthcoming WWEM 2016 show.
LAR’s COD analyzer QuickCODultra is billed as “the most reliable measurement system for the roughest waste water applications”.


The edge claimed for this instrument range is attributed to an injection and oxidation technique, which permits the handling of sticky, fatty, salty, and high-particle samples without the need for hazardous chemicals, unlike other COD analyzers. Quoted measurement range figures include 10 – 150 mg/l, 100 – 2,000 mg/l, 500 – 5,000 mg/l, 1,000 – 8,000 mg/l, and 20,000 – 250,000 mg/l, with further options available. It also features a response time of 1-2 minutes.