An ecologist describes how to get into the business

Interested in a career in ecological consultancy? A seemingly informative book on the topic has been written by Sue Earle, principal ecologist and managing director of Acorn Ecology, a firm based in Exeter.
When she left school in 1976 ecology was not on the radar as a career option, according to information on her firm’s website, and it wasn’t until the 1990s that she realised she could make a go of it as a realistic career option.
Published in 2011, How To Become An Ecological Consultant is intended to give a detailed insight into the challenges the job presents.
Sue herself describes the book and why you might choose to read it: “This book is written to help you make a start in a career as an ecological consultant. You may have just completed a degree or may be looking for a change in career like I did. Finding a job in this sector can be hard, especially if you have no experience.
This book will tell you what you need to know to get started as a professional ecologist; what academic skills you will need; how to learn the valuable skills you’ll need to work with wildlife; how to gain the right kind of practical experience; and how to demonstrate your knowledge in the right way to impress employers. I will also cover how to present your CV and yourself, when job hunting. It covers what to expect in your first job, goal setting, career planning and, later in your career, specialising.”