Application notes compendium for environmental scientists

Scientific instrumentation firm SCIEX is offering The Environmental Testing Compendium, described as a comprehensive collection of application notes across all facets of environmental testing

According to the firm’s literature: “Whether you test for environmental contaminants, drinking water quality, soil and biota analysis, crop safety or other applications, the accuracy of your results can mean the health and safety of people, livestock and farmland. Assisting you in the development of new methods to improve your workflows, we have developed a compendium of application notes created by our scientists, partners and customers for environmental sample testing.”

SCIEX says it recognizes that method development can be highly laborious and time consuming, with multiple inefficiencies which can delay tests getting to validation. The compendium includes:
• Analysis of pesticides and acid herbicides in water and in soil
• A variety of PPCPs and illicit drugs detection screening applications
• Hormone detection in water samples
• PFAs, explosives and flame retardants detection and others
See the firm’s website to download a copy.