Smart Water Networks (SWAN) forum announces global speaker line-up

The organisers of the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) have announced that over 100 attendees have reserved their spot for the upcoming SWAN 7th Annual Conference to be held 9-10 May 2017 at the Tower Hotel in London.

The event will feature speakers from water utilities in 13 different countries, including: Australia, Chile, England, France, India, Israel, Netherlands, Senegal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United States, and Wales. Some of the notable ones include senior representatives from SUEZ, Veolia, PUB, Unitywater, American Water, the OECD Water Governance Program, City of Dakar, Gaia Smart Cities, and Taiwan Water Corporation.

The conference theme will focus on the need to create resilient water and wastewater systems, encompassing four key pillars: providing safe water quality, reliable service, secure IT systems, and efficient operations. Over the two-day event, utilities from around the world will share their smart water journeys and how they address critical challenges from a people, processes, and technology perspective.

By bringing together a global audience from different sectors of the water industry, the SWAN Conference will offer an excellent platform for participants to network, collaborate, and share best industry practices in order to accelerate the global smart water and wastewater sectors.

Remarking on this, Amir Cahn, SWAN’s Executive Director stated: “In the future, becoming ‘smart’ may not be enough, as cities will need to become resilient as well. I am thrilled to see a growing number of global water utilities at the forefront of this movement.”

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