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The environmental technology and services industry brings together decision makers from a range of interconnected sectors, and RWM 2017 – the UK’s premier event dedicated to waste management, recycling, renewables, energy and water – is where they meet. Nicola Meadows offers a preview

The latest developments, products, technical changes and legislation in the environmental technology and services industry will be explored in depth at RWM 2017, running from 12-14 September 2017, at Birmingham’s NEC.

Visitor registration is now open for the expanded event, which takes place in partnership with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), and boasts a host of new and revamped features. Visitors from key organisations are already registered to attend, including representatives from National Grid, Skanska, British Steel, the NHS, and Tesco. Multiple universities and local councils are also attending, including local council representatives from Belfast, London, the north west and north east of England, and the Midlands.

The umbrella concept of the show is RWM’s One Planet Living mission, which champions the better management and supply of the world’s resources in an increasingly interconnected world. Divided into six zones – Supply & Demand; Energy from Waste; Recyclers & Reprocessors; Handling & Logistics; Data, Tech & Services; and Machinery & Equipment – the show will also feature an Innovation Hub, where exhibitors and start-up companies showcase the latest, most innovative ideas in the market.

The Machinery & Equipment zone will display the latest technology in the shredding, sorting and compacting of material, boasting new exhibitor A & C Weber, and returning exhibitors including Eriez, Bunting Magnetics, Durwen and Fairport Containers. The latest technology in lifting, sorting, shredding, baling and compacting will be showcased.

And the Recyclers & Reprocessors zone boasts a tight focus on companies that specialise in the innovative handing of waste with the goal of diverting it from landfill, and ensuring that as much value as possible is extracted. New exhibitors for 2017 include Tomra Sorting, and returning exhibitors include AMCS. The RWM Connects service, which allows both visitors and exhibitors to network and do business, and the CIWM Clinic are also based in this zone.

In the Handling & Logistics zone, innovations in the transportation of commercial or construction waste will be highlighted, with new exhibitors including E Power Trucks, and returning exhibitors including Dennis Eagle, Iveco, Scarab Sweepers and Smartlift. This zone will also host a new theatre seminar for Municipal & Material recovery. Visitors will have the opportunity to inspect the latest refuse vehicles, sweepers and skip loaders. They can also test them out first hand in the Ride & Drive area.

Meanwhile, the Energy from Waste zone will showcase one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic sectors in waste management. New exhibitors for this zone include China Tianying, while returning exhibitors include Babcock & Wilcox Vølund.

Two new zones for 2017 are Supply & Demand – which is the home for networking, learning and business opportunities in the UK energy and water markets – and Data, Tech & Services – which covers smart, practical software solutions to modern and future logistical challenges, with a focus on quality data and supporting services.

New exhibitors already signed up for the Data, Tech & Services zone include BeNomad, while Increase Computers is returning to the 2017 event. New exhibitors for the Supply & Demand zone include Phoenix Contact, with returning exhibitors from the Energy Show including Source for Business.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Department for International Trade is returning to RWM 2017 to offer visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to gain insight and advice about exporting products and internationalising their business.

Visitors to the new-look RWM 2017 will also be able to efficiently plan their day and expand their scope for networking and business opportunities by exploring the show’s event trails. These visitor discovery trails are simple, time-saving tools that can help ensure every moment spent at the show counts – maximising the potential for commercial gain.

Theatre seminar sessions

A wealth of knowledge sharing and networking opportunities will be available during the daily seminar theatre sessions running in each event zone throughout the show:

• Utilities Keynote Theatre: The platform for UK energy and water leaders to share their insights into the latest industry developments. Topics to be debated across the three-day event include energy supply, pricing, energy storage, renewable innovations, water deregulation and future visions.

• Utilities in Practice Theatre: This case study-led seminar programme seeks to support visitors with practical, peer-led insight into how to drive efficiency, create value and deliver compliant water, energy and renewables services.

• Circular Economy Theatre: Focusing on how the principles of circular economy can be applied to maximise value and the sustainable use of resources.

• Energy from Waste Theatre: Sharing best practice, technological advances, and changes to the global political and economic landscapes which impact this evolving sector.

• Municipal & Materials Recovery Theatre: The platform for resource and waste industry experts from both the public and private sector to come together and discuss creative techniques to drive recycling rates.

The Energy Solutions Trail, for instance, identifies exhibitors offering solutions to energy buyers, influencers and managers, and guides visitors around learning opportunities for demand services, independent energy generation, and efficiency savings. Exhibitors on the Energy Solutions Trail include Babcock & Wilcox Vølund, Niutech Environment Technology Corp, and JWC International. This trail will also link visitors to key speaker sessions in the Utilities Keynote theatre and the Utilities in Practice theatre.

And the Water Marketplace Trail shines the spotlight on the suppliers, demand specialists and educational opportunities that offer solutions and innovation around water procurement, usage levels, reuse and effective management. Exhibitors on the Water Marketplace Trail include Phoenix Contact, Adey Steel, and Coveya. This trail will also link visitors to key speaker sessions in the Utilities Keynote theatre and the Utilities in Practice theatre.

Meanwhile, the Local Authority Trail highlights all exhibitors and content relevant to those responsible for waste management and resource, legislative issues. Municipal waste management strategy and best practice is explored, together with exhibitors and content relevant to managers of fleets of vehicles. Exhibitors on the Local Authority Trail include BeNomad, Wales Government, and EPower Trucks. This trail will also link visitors to key speaker sessions in the Municipal & Materials Recovery Theatre.

The New Exhibitor Discovery Trail makes it as simple as possible for visitors to find the latest suppliers and technology most relevant to their sector. Innovation is central to RWM 2017 and this trail is designed to direct visitors towards thought leaders and innovators across the energy, water, recycling, renewables and waste management sectors. Exhibitors on the New Exhibitor Discovery Trail include Dong Energy Thermal Power, Molinari Recycling, and Garwood Europe.

Finally, the Great British Trail is organised in partnership with the UK Department for International Trade. A range of free tours will be available for international visitors to meet UK companies. Each themed tour will have a distinct focus on British innovation and design. Look for the Great British Trail logo onsite to identify UK exhibitors that are part of this trail. Exhibitors include CBS Waste Equipment, Spillard Safety Systems, and Middleton Engineering.

There will also be the opportunity to have some fun at RWM 2017 by making use of the four-hole Pitch & Putt crazy golf course and bar at the back of Hall Five, sponsored by Adtrak.

Find out more and register for RWM 2017 here: www.rwmexhibition.com

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