Ultrasonic flowmeter is optimised for thermal energy/BTU measurement

Sierra Instruments InnovaSonic 207i

Flow measurement and control equipment manufacturer Sierra Instruments has introduced the InnovaSonic 207i transit-time ultrasonic liquid flow meter. The device has a thermal energy/BTU capability that is said to offer superior flow measurement.

Designed for non-intrusive liquid flow metering, and optimized for thermal energy/BTU measurement, the 207i flow meter is described as the ideal turnkey solution for building and district metering, and sub metering. In thermal energy/BTU metering, the 207i calculates thermal energy / BTU by determining the amount of heat transferred between the cold and hot flow legs of a heating or cooling process. This provides end users with the high quality flow energy data required to manage energy costs.

The 207i also makes installation much easier, says Sierra. Clamp-on sensors means no pipe cutting or expensive plumbing. In addition, a unique visual sensor spacing tool on the local display, accessible via a software app, allows end users to slightly move the sensors together or apart to position an indicator line between “goal posts” to ensure optimal signal strength.  This gives peace of mind that the meter is installed correctly and ready to measure flow.

The 207i takes readings with an accuracy of ±0.5% from 0.16 to 40 ft/s (0.05 to 12 m/s) even if liquid density changes as the temperature of a flowing liquid moves up and down over time. Sierra says it is the first ultrasonic flow meter to have this kind of dynamic real-time liquid density compensation. This is important because, since transit-time ultrasonic flow meters measure liquid flow rate by detecting the speed of sound in the liquid, a small change in liquid density will impact the speed of sound measurement and thus impact accuracy. Unlike other ultrasonic meters that assume a fixed liquid density, the 207i calculates liquid density in real-time by adding a temperature input from a transmitter provided by Sierra or by using an external input from an existing transmitter.

The 207i comes with a comprehensive software package of apps, field upgrades, and calibration validation. Suggested applications include thermal energy/ BTU measurement, cooling and heating fluid measurement, water & wastewater, leak detection in piping systems, and monitoring & controlling of HVAC systems.

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