New group resource showcases the options for PE gas pipe jointing

Correctly joined gas pipes will benefit the entire industry, the motivation behind BFP Pipes Group’s latest set of guides.

As part of its ongoing work to capture and share pipeline engineering know-how, the BPF Pipes Group has created a key resource for engineers designing polyethylene (PE) pressure pipe systems for below ground gas applications.

The latest in its series of best practice guides covers the joining of PE pipes, detailing the different methods available – electrofusion, butt fusion and mechanical fittings – and offers recommendations for the most appropriate solutions for different pipe sizes, pressure ratings and installation methods.

With the need for safe and secure pipelines, together with the ever-present pressure on construction and operating costs, it is important that decision processes can be supported by sound reasoning and practical knowledge.

Caroline Ayres, BPF Pipes Group Director, affirmed: “Members of the BPF Pipes Group offer all three jointing methods for PE pressure pipe systems for below ground gas applications. We are therefore ideally placed to support engineers in their choice of product so that, when installed correctly, the pipeline is optimised for efficiency and longevity.”

The BPF Pipes Group has made the new guidance available online, adding to a growing reference base for those working with plastic pipe systems across all utilities, construction and plumbing and heating. The guidance is available from