Small footprint odour abatement system commissioned for wastewater facility in Milan

The sludge press building at the San Rocco facility had been prioritised for odour abatement.

Engineering firm and pollution expert CSO Group has received client sign-off from Metropolitana Milanese S.p.A. for its first Terminodour installation at the large San Rocco waste water treatment plant, one of the three plants serving the city of Milan.

Metropolitana Milanese contacted CSO via its Italian distributors Euribia-Bentoncablo S.p.A regarding a problem with odours in the sludge filter press building. Although served by an existing extraction and scrubbing system the level of odour within the building had been deemed unpleasant for operators and prioritised for improvement.

The sludge press building has a volume of 3,900 m3 and contains 3 large sludge presses.

The Terminodour technology for odour abatement is being integrated with the existing ventilation system.

Following a public tender, Bentoncablo was awarded the project in 2018. CSO provided a bespoke design of Terminodour system for integration into the existing ventilation system with some modifications to the distribution ductwork arrangements. The system was installed by Bentocablo and then commissioned by CSO.

There followed a period of testing using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) to ensure that the system met the performance criteria set by the client of an 80% reduction in the level of total odour within the sludge press room. And this it duly did.

Colin Froud, Managing Director of CSO Group commented: “We are delighted that our first installation of Terminodour in Italy has been executed so successfully, and yet has only increased the client’s net power consumption by 160 watts, another low carbon footprint solution provided by Terminodour”.