ClO2 dosing system gets WRAS approval


Water treatment solutions firm Clearwater Technology says its recently launched Pureox 3500 Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) generator system for water purification has achieved WRAS approval.

The Pureox 3500 range is claimed to be “the safest, purest and most stable method of producing chlorine dioxide onsite.” Designed to overcome the drawbacks associated with two-pack chlorine dioxide generators, Pureox 3500 guarantees water purity in domestic, drinking and process water systems by preventing the build-up of microorganisms and biofouling.

Featuring a unique and innovative sequential batching system, the firm says  Pureox 3500 ensures optimum strength (to BSEN12671), optimum dilution, optimum stability and optimum conversion.

It is said to be particularly effective against biofouling (sessile bacteria) and legionella, pseudomonas and cryptosporidium among other pathogenic microorganisms. “The Pureox 3500 systems require lower chemical concentrations making them easier to dose while achieving 98% conversion efficiency.”