Full monitoring and control system in a box

Electrochemical sensor manufacturer ATi has launched SiteBox, said to offer a new and innovative approach to water quality monitoring. Described as a smart alternative to traditional instrumentation panels, it is presented as a complete water quality monitoring and control system that can be used in a variety of applications, from drinking water treatment to process water in the food industry, all housed in a carry-on-luggage-sized portable box.

Its modular nature enables users to order a bespoke monitoring system that fits individual site requirements, says ATi. “This is in stark contrast to the size and complexity of traditional panel mounted solutions.” SiteBox can be used on its own as the input to a control system, or alternatively as an independent monitoring system that polices existing water quality monitors.

Delivery to start up “in minutes”
ATi says SiteBox is quick to install, with delivery to start up in minutes, and typically generates live data within 30 minutes. It also has a small footprint, along with low water usage, and can be configured for dual or triple validation, multi-stream (1-3), up to eight sensors and over 20 parameters.

The firm’s literature provides a list of benefits including the following:
• Use of ATi’s industry-leading, ultra-low powered smart sensors, M-Nodes
• Years of run-time on batteries
• 12-24V DC mains power option
• Integrated flow, pressure control and monitoring
• RS485 modbus output of parameters and diagnostics
• Fully portable
• Can be used almost anywhere
• Under 30 minutes to install and data delivery
• Bespoke system for individual site needs
• Eliminates costly, time consuming and complex design process
• Sensor diagnostics and calibration timer alerts

For further information on SiteBox, please contact ATi on sitebox@atiuk.com or visit www.atiuk.com