Industry hails strategy for modern digitalised energy system

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On 13 June Energy Systems Catapult published a new report by the Energy Data Taskforce which calls for a single data repository on all forms of energy generation to unlock the benefits of decarbonisation and decentralisation through better use of data. The report calls for all energy system data to be presumed open, which will render energy generating assets and infrastructure visible to all though a ‘Digital System Map of the Energy System’.

Chris Hewett, Chief Executive at the STA said: “The urgent need for transparency within the energy sector has been abundantly clear for years. In particular, the report’s Asset Registration Strategy will enable truly accurate monitoring of solar PV and battery storage deployment – essential for smart innovation and efficient system management.

We welcome the findings of the report and call on government and respective agencies to swiftly implement its recommendations and ensure that the breakdown of deployment data is in the public domain.”

The government has come under parliamentary scrutiny in recent weeks over the monitoring of energy generation technologies. Until this report’s recommendations are implemented, no reliable data on new solar PV deployment will be publically available. Up until very recently, Government monitoring of solar PV deployment had been entirely dependent on records maintained through subsidy schemes which are no longer in place.