Milestone announced for kerb made from recycled plastic

A firm that specialises in transforming waste plastic into useful construction materials has announced the installation of its 400,000th kerb in the UK – what amounts to a saving of 12 million kilogrammes of CO2 in the last decade.

Durakerb – part of the Econpro group – says the kerbs are made from 88% recycled polymer. The Durakerb units – which can be kerbs, kerbsides and surface drainage – are comprised of the equivalent of 182 plastic bottles. Over the last 11 years, the company says it has saved thousands of tonnes of plastic waste going to landfill, equivalent to 72 million plastic bottles.

The company says its products deliver a 73% reduction in carbon emissions per full load when compared to concrete. Durakerb says it has also saved approximately 12,000,000 kgs of emitted carbon, through the production of Durakerb compared to its precast concrete counterpart and a reduction in the number of articulated vehicles required to transport the product, which is lightweight. Its range of products offer a “greener, safer, simpler alternative to traditional concrete kerbs”, says a press release, which expands on the benefits of the range.

The interlocking design of Durakerb units seemingly allows for 100% alignment wherever they are installed. “The units can be cut with hand tools and no additional training is required, saving the equivalent of 9,000 manual labour days.”

During a recent scheme, Jon Lee, Skanska’s Operations Manager at Hampshire Highways, said: “These plastic kerbs have been BBA/HAPAS approved meaning they are manufactured to the highest standards for the Hampshire network. With its lightweight feature, we can lay four times faster than traditional methods. Skanska UK, as a leader of sustainability in the construction industry, have recently committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2045. The move to using recycled products helps move us to achieving this target.”

Part of the Econpro Group, a specialist group of companies whose stated aim is to transform waste and by-products into sustainable products and solutions, Durakerb has been “championing a more sustainable future for 11 years, providing a fully circular product that can be recycled and remade at the end of its lifespan.”

Phil Sutton, Managing Director at Econpro, commented: “With a renewed focus on plastics waste looking for sustainable markets, we believe further adoption of recycled polymer kerbing solutions can offer a viable outlet for thousands of tons of waste plastics in the UK every year , we’re proud to be at the forefront of the development of these products as we drive toward carbon neutrality within the UK in 2050.

“Each part of Durakerb, from manufacture to transport, installation and product lifespan, has been considered, to ensure we’re driving forward within the circular economy.”

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