Economic water testing kits


Laboratory analysis firm Ivario has started selling its popular water testing kits to UK customers. The launch of the English website marks a significant step for the company, whose plans for international expansion are now well underway. The firm describes itself as the German market leader for water testing kits. It is part of the GBA group, a leading European laboratory group, and aims to provide both business and private customers access to laboratory testing services for affordable prices.

The process is simple: first, the customer purchases a test kit which includes all the material needed to take a water sample at home. The samples are then sent back to the laboratory and tested for common contaminants using state-of-the-art methods and cutting-edge technology. The results, which can be accessed online, are juxtaposed with the maximum concentrations set out in UK drinking water regulations. Thus, they provide a detailed insight into the water quality and let consumers know if their water is safe to drink. Furthermore, an English-speaking hotline and email service ensures customers receive ongoing support. The firm says it continuing to optimise its online shop and logistic processes in order to further improve customer experience and strengthen its presence in the UK market.