Sponsored content: Monitoring nuisance odours


Odour nuisance is one of the most difficult issues facing many sites today. When a complaint is made, it’s essential that a reliable and representative air sample is taken as quickly as possible. One of the biggest challenges site operators face is acquiring the capability to effectively take these samples within an appropriate time frame.

Automatic samplers such as Odorprep allow samples to be taken immediately, rather than waiting for a technician to get to site, by which time the odour might have abated. So it offers more accurate and consistent results.

OdorPrep is designed to take the place of a technician on-site. App-based, the control system for the sampler can be triggered directly by odour complaints via app-users. Alternatively, should the site operator wish to have more control of the sampling process, Odorprep can send an alert to site managers/regulators after a complaint is received and they can trigger the sample themselves. The samples are taken automatically and stored securely inside the unit, ready to be collected for olfactometric or chemical assessment.

Sorbent tubes inside the unit trap compounds for chemical analysis, which confirms the characteristic composition of the odour nuisance, allowing the user to find out the exact origin of the odour. This process also allows for the measurement of specific air pollutants, to identify any public health impacts associated with the air sample.

This reliable assessment process helps both industry and regulatory bodies identify the sources of nuisance. Helping operators understand the true impact their site is having on the surrounding environment, allowing them to make improvements on control measures and work towards compliance. The combination of having a consistent approach on-site and keeping neighbouring communities informed via the Odorprep App helps to communicate the message that the site is actively working towards resolving the odour issue.