Sponsored content: 80GHz radar level sensors are compact and low cost

VEGA introduces the latest FMCW 80 GHz non-contact radar level technology for the water industry – using their very own radar level microchip, to deliver excellent performance and a low price that represents a real alternative to ultrasonic level sensors. This makes it highly economical for applications in the water/wastewater sector, or auxiliary applications in process automation.

The benefits include:

Strong focusing – smooth measurement right down to the bottom

No dead zones –  measurement right up to the sensor, ideal when there is limited head room

Low power and fast start up – for remote sites, datalogger and telemetry operation

Handles build up – enables longer reliable operation without maintenance

EX approval – for hazardous areas and chemicals

The compact loop powered radar is available in two versions: a  model with a cable connection housing and a standard model with fixed cable connection (IP68).

The compact radars also have an optional field mounting controller for local display, extra outputs and level alarms. Both sensors and controllers can be easily and safely adjusted via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet – ideal for harsh environments, operational safety or Ex areas.