PM and NO2 alerts during demolition

Envirochem Analytical Laboratories is undertaking perimeter particulate and NO2 monitoring for a client in a London district, during the demolition of a disused structure and subsequent construction project. This follows pre-implementation monitoring throughout a three-month period, which determined background levels for the site (it borders a number of sensitive receptors).

Real-time dust monitoring provides air quality management on-site, reducing the impacts of demolition and construction via preventative mitigation. If a trigger from the monitoring equipment occurs, additional reactive mitigation measures can be applied to avoid any further exposure breaches via a real-time email alert system. The real-time data can also aid in pinpointing precise activities that cause the exceedances. With this site neighbouring a bustling city street, this is essential.

Monitoring is being used to determine long term exposure to NO2 from vehicle fumes, and is set up around the perimeter of the disused building.

Solid state Osiris Light Scattering monitors automatically measure airborne particulates in real time over four particle sizes: total inhalable, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1. These are all working to MCERTS standards. The particulate monitor displays real-time data for each fraction and the hourly averages are then compared to the hourly limits (190 ųg/m3 for PM10 for example, as set by the local authority).

Prior analysis has not measured any hourly average exceedances for PM10 so the monitoring effort will inform the client of any exceedances that occur during the project. Similarly, where these occur on weekends, the monitoring will also help establish that the client isn’t culpable for exceedances occuring during this time.